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  1. No hard feelings, I ll just watch what I post more closely. I posted in 2you categories because I first posted here as I associated it as more of an adult leader topic but then saw the camps category and thought it would be more appropriate there.
  2. I have no financial interest in anything. Ive taken SOLO courses which were awesome too, Ive taken courses from DAN which were great, I just thought that this sounded interesting and wanted to pass the info on for other members. Btw, I never even thought of the name, C=Chris (me) N= Nicholas (brother) E=Edward (brother) S=Sarah (sister). I use it for everything as its easy to remember.
  3. No, Im not associated. I did take a course with them, so if that affiliates me, then so be it. Geez, I just posted something that I thought would be of interest, but I guess not. My apologies, I wont post anything regarding trainings anymore.
  4. Hi everyone, I postes this in the Woodbadge thread but thought it would be appropriate here. I found an upcoming Camp Medic course in Massachusetts. It sounds interesting. You get first responder certification and other certs. It looks really interesting. I took a wilderness first aid class with these guys before and it was awesome training. If anyones interested, the link is www.centralnesafety.com
  5. I just found a Camp Medic course being held in Massachusetts starting next month. You get First Responder certified plus certification in basic life support and oxygen. I got some information on it and it sounds pretty good. Its a combination of regular first responder and wilderness plus advanced topic training. The price isnt too bad either, its $320.00 but includes everything. I took my wilderness first aid training through these guys before and it was top notch. Im definitley signing up for this class. the link is www.centralnesafety.com
  6. Here are a few resources specifically on wilderness training. Www.wms.org- Wilderness Medical Society, has info on wfa training and requirements. Www.nols.edu - info on a few good courses Www.centralnesafety.com - training I referred to in MA. Looks like a few courses coming up.
  7. Very true. The class I took in Mass was taught by a police officer who was also in the Coast Guard and actually had experience with this stuff. He said that each company customizes their training but the curriculum which is usually approved by WMS is virtually the same. His class was the real deal. We did some classroom but the rest was actual scenario training in a remote environment. He tested us out by giving us a scenario and having us treat the patient. It was one of the best classes ive taken. Plus, it was affordable. So youre right, the instructor and their knowledge matter the most.
  8. Ive had experience with SOLO who has great courses, a tad expensive, but great training. Also, Ive taken training with a group in Mass for advanced wilderness f/a which was also awesome. Plus they gave a discount for BSA and civic groups which made it affordable.
  9. Thank you Papadaddy. I think I wrote my post too fast. I know that these are not offered by BSA and training is through independant vendors. I was wondering what experiences leaders have had with obtaining this training, the difficulty of finding it and what other courses would be valuable (ie, pet first aid, Community Emergency Response Training, etc). I was a Red Cross trainer but I wont teach their material anymore as their huge price hikes have made their courses way too expensive.
  10. Hi everyone, Happy New Year. I know there has been a few discussions on this forum about wilderness first aid and basic cpr and first aid but im looking for input on how readily available it is to leaders and troops and what other trainings would you like to see become available in this realm. I m in New England and would like to know whats available here and what training would be desired, but I would enjoy input nationwide.
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