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  1. Advise your Assistant District Commissioner or District Commissioner of the issue and explain how you discovered the problem. There is a potential risk of injury to a scout - and potential liability on your part for being aware of it and taking no action should that injury occur. MTDScouter
  2. In honor of all the good ole Buffalo's out there ... I used to be a BUFFALO, a good ole BUFFALO too. But now I've finished BUFFALOING and I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feeble, and I can BUFFALO no more! So I'm going to work my ticket if I can! Back to Gilwell, Happy Land, I'm going to work my ticket if I can! MTDScouter C-47-05 - Buffalo C-41-07 - Beaver Troop Guide
  3. As I started reading this thread I was curious (based on the first post of 'sexcrime lawyer.us') of what I would find in the Sponsored Ads .. so I looked: "Find Alpaca Farms Fast" "Alpaca's For Sale" "Exclusive Alpaca Sweaters" "Luxurious Alpaca Products" I was wondering just how we got from sexcrimes to alpacas and then I read the rest of the thread. Yes, it works. MTDScouter
  4. OOPS ... double post(This message has been edited by MTDScouter)
  5. Congratulations WDleader! Wear them with pride, you earned them. My completed tickets are in my troop guides hands now, so I'll be glad to join you in that soon. MTDS a good ole Buffalo
  6. I would agree with Mark's assessment above and add that there are at least two other knots for Cub Scout leaders that use the blue/gold foreground and background option. Perhaps these colors were chosen to more closely identify with the Webelo's coloration, and to make it stand apart from the Cub Scout leader knots. MTDS
  7. We need to be very, very cautious over this. I hear that the American Association of Gay and Lesbian Horseradish Growers are upset with BSA policies as well. When will the madness stop!
  8. I've been avoiding Ebay ... darn shipping costs are a killer! The QU Patches we need are: 1995 1997 2000 2001 2003 We're always 100% Boys Life, so if any patches include that it's fine. We're more interested in recognizing the QU years. Thanks to all.
  9. I'm looking for Quality Unit patches from the late 90's to 2003. Our troop never purchased patches when we earned QU, but our Chartered Org has gotten us a display case and would like us to put in all of them in our history. Anyone know where older QU patches could be obtained? Thanks
  10. mhutch: I have the original version in an mp3 file that I would be glad to share with you. It's not the WB version ... but it's a start. Email me at sburow@swbell.net or PM me yours and I'll send it on. MTDScouter
  11. mrprarar, as OGE stated rather eloquently, scout spirit isn't just what the scout does at troop meetings and campouts - it's his way of life. Pmickle hit the nail right on the head. What has he done in his church, community, and school in the intervening time? Has he lived up to the scout oath and law in his daily life even though he's not been attending meetings and campouts? Kids today have far more options and demands on their time than when I was a young scout. School sports, activities, clubs, and jobs are far more available. My advice is to register the scout, sit dow
  12. Hey...it's my turn! I used to be a Buffalo, and a Good 'ol Buffalo too, But now I'm finished Buffaloing, I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feeble and I can Buffalo no more So I am going to work my ticket if I can Back to Gilwell, happy land; I'm going to work my ticket if I can. C-47-05
  13. We finished our second weekend a week ago. What a wonderful experience and I'm diligently working on my ticket items. Oh yes, I used to be a Buffalo .... and a good ole Buffalo too! C-47-05
  14. Thanks for the follow-up. He does have the shorter sash, which fits him well. One might say he's 'vertically challenged' .. I suspect the longer would go from shoulder to knee. Going down the back side from the shoulder down would seem most appropariate, but if he wants to put his sash in a display case later, then those may have to be re-sewn to turn them over. Wish everyone had this problem, right?? MTD
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