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  1. Thank you for the advice. I can see all your points and they are well taken. I do still have one reservation. If this boy comes back to just do his service project and nothing else is he showing scout spirit which is a requirement for eagle? Is the service project enough when not participating with the troop for the time during the project?
  2. Currently I am ASM but in about 6 months to be scoutmaster. I do not believe the boys themselves even care. BUT she is one of those people who can really make your life misery.
  3. Well my question is how to handle a situation with a mother? I joined the troop about a year and half ago. We had several boys on the charter that were not active. When it came time to recharter back in Febuary their mothers would not pay the dues. I informed them they would be dropped off the charter because they were not active and would not pay what I had to pay for my son to stay in. One mother said they would join back after basketball season in May. In May I returned to her asking her if they would join back. She gave no direct answer. She did have sign up forms. Now with this bei
  4. I have another question that is not of huge importance but my son and I were wondering was it ok if you put patches like camporee and such on the mb sash. I have seen some that have done it on the back. I have also heard people whisper that those are only for trading. My son does not want to trade them and when was in cubs had a vest full, and I mean full, of patches. He wants to show them off not to brag but to get other scouts to ask questions about them so he can tell them to go to such events and get one of their own. I know we have the blanket option but being able to sport them bring
  5. He was voted by the troop as aspl. If it is a mistake it was made before I really began to notice our troop was going nowhere and stepped in. He takes his job very serious and is almost happy when the spl is not there. *I am still working on understanding how this stuff works and the people in charge before me know less than I know only because I am trying to find out the correct answers before the troop falls apart. I can't change what has already happened but I want to do my best to make improvements so the boys know what to do. The troopmaster says let them lead themselves (as he sits
  6. We have a small group of 12 but only about 8 active. The boys do listen to my son. It bothers me that we do have older scouts that do not want the job but they say they want eagle. Our troop has had problems in the past and I want to do what is best for the whole troop since it seems before long I will be the main leader. The rest of the boys did vote him to be aspl. He does a good job (mother speaking). We are having some trouble getting the patrol to function properly because the current SM says for the boys to figure it out for themselves but they don't know what they are doing. Si
  7. Me again. I have read most of the book. But we have a lot of people where we live say they have to be 16 and older. My son wants his sooner and wants to continue on with merit badges. He is only 12 and assistant senior patrol leader. He wants to lead and the older boys don't want to do it except one the patrol leader. Also we have had people say that a mb earned at mbu should not count toward anything to do with eagle. Why have them? Reading the book does not always give you clear answer when some people in your own troop seem to be holding the boys back and they drop like flys.
  8. Hello I am new and the question I have has an answer I know but getting one that is concrete is a problem. What is the youngest age a eagle can be. If you can give this answer I have lots more because I am asm and fixing to be sm.
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