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  1. oo oo oo me too I can't wait. Do we get to leave them out there?
  2. MrScout

    Uniform Costs

    Ok my turn... first of all, IMHO the prices are too high. However there are ways of making things last longer... The bigger issue here for me is pants. The BSA issue pants do wear out rather quickly... My shirts have lasted many years to date. Anyway I own two pairs of pants. One official BSA pair that I reserve for courts of honor and things of that nature. The second is a pair of G.I. Olive Drab BDU's. These I wear every where else. Campouts, meetings, outings of all sorts. The reason is they will outlast the BSA issue by years. I agree each scout should be in complete uniform.
  3. I have scanned the Insignia Guide and there is nothing in there about when to wear of medals. However I did find this paragraph in the Leadership Training Committee Guide #34169A it states: "Wearing the Awards- Training awards and the equivalent square knots are worn only on uniforms as prescribed in the Insignia Guide, Many Scouters prefer to wear the equivalent square knot on the field uniform." My interpretation of this is that you may wear it when you wish. The knots are only symbols of the medals earned... They were created because many leaders didn't want to wear meda
  4. Here in Middle Tennessee we have two ordeals each year, atleaste one fellowship and usally two or three more camping events. This past fall fellowship was a mystery campout. I wasn't able to attend but from what I heard it was pretty cool. We also have a Christmas banquet each year as well. So to answer your question our OA is quite active other than the two campouts to set up and take down summercamp.
  5. This scout isn't showing much "scout spirit" is he? In my troop he wouldn't advance until he improved his attendance. For life I would need from him 3-4 months of 75% attendance. For Eagle we need 6+ months of 80% attendance. This is one of the many ways we desciribe "scout spirit".
  6. When I went through my Ordeal we had two patrols of Adults ages 21 to 60. Good Luck
  7. I hate to ask this, but are there other scouting forums that have more discussions going on? There doesn't seem to be alot of action on this board? If so where are they?
  8. Here in Middle Tennessee we have the "Call out". Usally at our District events in spring and fall. For the most part you folks have already listed the same practices that we do. As for the user name. I think the ploy is just to create contention or controversy within this forum. Your responses may or may not change this persons opinion. Which is why you should direct your opinions to the moderators. Hello, Mods... you out there?
  9. Don't be afraid to say something to the scout as well. No SM can be everywhere so if another adult sees something that isn't what it should be then I would hope they would step in and correct the situation. It makes me feel more comfortable if I know I have some adults watching my back. But if you are new and don't feel like you can do this then I can understand your going to the SM or ASM.
  10. Many councils camp have a first year campers program designed to get the scout to 1st class. My advice is that if your council camp doesn't offer this then call some other councils. My has changes the "Davy Crocket" program 3 times in attempts to make it better. And each year it does get a little better.
  11. IT seems to me that each of you have a certain scout who can fit the bill. My experience is that I judge each scout according to himself. I have some scouts who I know will have the work done by the time they are 13 or 14 and wouldn't mind passing them off on the other hand I have some who might have it done by that time but I feel they need more of the leadership part of the trail to Eagle. So, (imho) each scout is different and should be treated as such. Only you know your scouts and their abilities. Trust them and follow your gut. Don't be afraid to tell the scout that he is doing fin
  12. Yup according to my council that is a BIG no no. We don't let them do it even if they are family.
  13. Well,,, I have been involved in Boy Scouting for over 6 years now and for the first time I lost one of my scouts this past Saturday in an automobile accident. My question is simple while this has hit me very hard I know how to deal with it. How do I address this subject to my scouts?
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