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    Why are we talking to the troll?

    Would you still contend this if you did not agree with the values they were promoting? Why are you here if you dont agree, I just cant understand why anyone would join any group that you disagreed with their values. It would be like joining PETA if I didnt believe in vegetarianism and sought to change their principles and standards. because the law prevents sexual orientation from being criteria for hiring a teacher. Exactly what law is that anyway? Homosexuals are no more likely to abuse children than heterosexuals. Most pedophiles maintain heterosexual adult relationships. Not true, homosexuals account for 31% of child molestation and are only 2-3% of the population, you do the math. You and Leslie Stahl seem to think married (man/woman) homosexuals arent gay, I dont understand this. If we use that logic than we should never allow men to be alone with girls, and we should never allow women to be alone with boysbecause none of us can control our sexual urges The problem with this analogy is that its wrong, it assumes that those who practice perversion do so because its normal. In normal man/woman relationships people arent practicing immoral behavior, why should you or anyone assume they would be amoral, it doesnt make sense?
  2. lls2

    Tap Out Ceremonies

    My apologies to all, this has been my username for over six years and if I offended anyone it was not my intention to do so on this site. BSAs position on politics are The Boy Scouts of America allows youth to live as children and enjoy Scouting without immersing them in politics of the day, and in retrospect this tenant was overlooked. Im happy to change my username but on most BBs you are not allowed to unless you use a new email address, I will make my case to the administrator. Further, I have no problem with this thread being pulled if someone can tell me how to do it. Kindest regards to all.
  3. lls2

    Tap Out Ceremonies

    Ours went like this. At camp on Thursday night, we would line up along the lakeshore standing shoulder to shoulder, backs to the woods and our troop leaders standing behind. Camp councilors in full Indian dress and war paint, carrying a torch would run up and down the shore stopping when signaled. The signal was a hand over the head of the inductee. The Indian would stop, usually in front of the scout, breathing hard and staring into your eyes. The tap out consisted of a cupped hand, for maximum sound effect, hitting above the breast and over the shoulder. Although the hit didnt hurt, thus constituting a tap, the sound could be heard echoing off the lake up and down the line. The sound was awesome. After the tap, you were pulled from behind, instructed to be silent and to go back to camp and get your sleeping bag The sound is a big part of what made it special, surreal and a memory one carries his whole life. IMHO
  4. lls2

    Tap Out Ceremonies

    When I was a boy scout in Missouri we called it "tapping out"Same here, I was in 302 out of St. Louis. We went to Famous Eagle.
  5. lls2

    Tap Out Ceremonies

    We have them here in Longhorn Council in the Fort Worth, Texas areaWell thats great to hear! The condescending look I received trying to explain the thrill of the ceremony was equal to that of some kind of child beater. I thought they were stopped due to some inane political correctness. My sons scoutmaster grew up in this area and never heard of it, I guess it must be a regional practice. Im looking forward to the next meeting to verify that its still practiced and Im not some kind of weirdo for mentioning it.
  6. What has happened to them? My son just signed up and when I asked if they had OA Tap Out Ceremonies at camp I got a dumb look and was asked to explain. In PC Bethesda, MD they said it was tantamount to hazing.