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  1. I know there is a lot of Scouting that is based upon Native American beliefs and things like that, but I was wondering how Native Americans percieve groups like OA and American Indian Dance Teams, and just Scouting in general. I know this can be a touchy subject as there is a sort of disdain feeling towards people imitating Native American culture...
  2. "I doubt that those under 18 in the unit would look at it that way." Does this mean someone over the age of 18 would have a more difficult time being elected into OA?
  3. One more question (I know, I know... I must sound like an idiot =) ) I did some searching around about age requirements for OA and discovered that, in OA, a "youth" is anyone under 21 years of age (http://www.oa-bsa.org/qanda/qa-02.htm.) My question is this: Since 2 years have passed since I have attended any camping trips, if I were to obtain the required 15 nights with my new troop anytime while I was still under 21, even though I would not actually be a Scout after 18, would I be eligible for OA election? If I understood that page correctly, anyone under 21 can still be elected to O
  4. Thanks for all of the responses, and I have one more question. andrews, you said you joined OA after you were a Scout, so does this mean that you can become a member of OA even if you never were elected into it and are older than 18? Thanks again!
  5. Hi, I recieved my Eagle about 2 years ago, and never had my Court of Honor for it (which I regret) and dropped out of the scene ever since. I have just recently moved to another state and plan on getting involved in Scouting again, but I will be 17 in about 2 months and that doesn't leave much time. I was wondering what I could do to remain active in Scouting after I turn 18. Oh, and one more question... are most Eagle Scouts also in OA? I was never in OA and was wondering if it was common for an Eagle Scout not to have been in OA. Thanks!
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