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  1. In my lodge, the chief is a youth member of the council executive board, so we'd wear the silver loops when doing chiefly things. Technically, at troop meetings or places where the Scout is not acting in the capacity of lodge chief, the "regular" loops should be worn. That's how we did it in my lodge, at least. We don't currently have chapters, but will with the formation of our new lodge within the next month. I don't know what the youth will decide to do. At the same time, there may not be official rules about this (also think about the fact there's no Lodge Chief position patch) because of the servant leadership aspect of the OA... they shouldn't be doing it for the patch, if you will. One should be able to distinguish a leader by his character, not by his uniform.
  2. In my troop, we do not require anything more than the shirt. (I only started wearing the full uniform during Junior Leadership Training a few years ago, as part of my agreement under "setting the example.") So, if jblake47 were our troop's Scoutmaster, there would be two people with the Scout salute, and everyone else would be using the hand-over-heart method When I work at camp, or at OA functions, any hat with a BSA or BSA-related logo (like an OA logo) or a Scout camp-related hat counts as a uniform hat. Other hats should be taken off during flag. (edited for spelling)(This message has been edited by milwscout580)
  3. I went to NLS this past April. It was the best Training I've been to, in my opinion. I like that it's Boy Scout training, but it's more based on corporate leadership--stuff you can use in the "real world." My other training (Powderhorn, OA LLD, and Conclave, junior Leader training in the Troop, and SM training) all were 99% focused on the BSA and how to be a leader in Boy Scouting (or the OA). NLS could pretty much be used anywhere, with only tiny alterations. I think that's what I liked about it the most. I'd go if I were you...
  4. Kraut-60- regarding your question about whether or not they will continue to sell the "old" stock... I believe the Milwaukee County Council Scout Shop (I-94 and 84th Street) will continue to sell the old style switchbacks until they run out. And the Potowatomi Area Council Scout Shop still had the items in their stock room... you just had to ask for them. Did you ask for the old style at your local store? if not, they may still have them, but they just can't have them out/don't have room for them with the new stock.
  5. I have a handheld weather radio from RadioShack. It works really well, even in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. This particular one is gray, a little bigger than the size of a deck of cards, with a shorter, stubby antenna. My RadioShack weather radio is way better than my first one, which was from Midland (that one wouldn't work a lot and it was difficult to program). If you are having trouble picking up signal in the city, are you sure you are tuned to the correct station for your area? There are 7 different frequencies for weather radios, so make sure you are on the correct one. Also, not every area is covered by a weather radio frequency yet. When you are "in town", are you in a fairly populated location? If not, it might be possible that your area doesn't have a broadcast tower near you.
  6. I don't think I ever had a corner cut. But I would have cut off a corner (or ripped up) one of my staffers at camp... he was messing around with his knife and accidentally jabbed me in the elbow. since he didn;t have his Totin' Chip, I took his knife away.
  7. I wish it was on a channel that was not part of a premium package in my area! I also wish they would put the episode on the Outdoor Channel website. (Maybe they will... maybe they need more time)
  8. Does anyone know if they will still be selling the old uniform parts until they run out of stock? I lent two pairs of shorts to a CIT at camp this summer, and I can't get ahold of him. I ncase my shorts are gone forever, I'd like to still be able to purchase the "old" style... My guess is that they will, because a) that would otherwise be a waste of stock and b) because when I went to the scout shop a few weeks ago they were "clearing space" for the new uniforms, which would lead me to believe that they will still be in stock until they run out. If anyone has any information, I'd appreciate it. But I suppose I could always look myself, because I do need to stop by the Council office soon.
  9. The Milwaukee Scout Shop was clearing space for the new uniforms, but I don''t think they received a shipment yet. I had to stop in to buy a new belt (I lent a Boy Scout one to a CIT at the camp I worked at, because I wore my Venturing belt, and he never gave it back), and everything was being rearranged and moved out of the way.
  10. My summer camp provides only three tents: two leader tents and one for storage--BSA Canvas types. Our troop brings up tents for the youth and the rest of the leaders. I believe we get some of our tents from either a raffle or a sale after a Jamboree... our council either raffles them off or sells them (probably sells them to make more money). Maybe they don't do it for EACH Jamboree, but there was at least one time that my Scoutmaster told me we had old Jambo tents. And they were still in pretty good condition.
  11. I have only been to one camp for full-week summer camping... LeFeber Northwoods Camps in northern Wisconsin. This will be my first year on staff at LNC. I have worked at Indian Mound Scout Reservation (between Madison, WI and Milwaukee) for three years, and have been ther dozens of times for non-summer camping. I have also been to Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan and Long Lake for OA section conclaves.(This message has been edited by milwscout580)
  12. Is there a new design for the Cub Scout and Venturing Uniform, or is everyone going to wear the same uniform? I may buy another pair or two of the Venturing Shorts for staffing at camp this summer, but if they are changing as well, I don't want to waste my money. Also, are the Switchbacks changing? this might explain the 2 for one deal, but again, I don't want to take advantage of the discount if I'm going to need new pants in fall.
  13. I haven't been through many trainging courses, because I'm only 19, but so far, my favorite training course has to be the Order of the Arrow National Leadership seminar. I just went through it last weekend. It was a great experience, and just like other people I knew had said, it can be used outside of scouting. It is more of a workplace leadership training, with examples geared toward the OA and Scouting.
  14. Regarding the sewn-in belt... I did the same thing. I thought it was sewn in, and about 2 months later I realized that I hadn't removed the threads from the tag. And I don't know if the sale is actually "Half off"... at least at my store (A National Shop) there was a sign that said the pants must be purchased 2-pair at a time for the discount... you couldn't buy one pair at $20, you had to buy 2 pairs at $40 total (or whatever the price is)
  15. I heard that you can also have the autograph from the National Chief on your sash... I've only seen one person with an autograph, and he still wears the same sash.
  16. Yes, I was Ceremonies Chairman for 2 years, and so I am also passionate about this committee. We have a great ceremonies chairman returning for his second year, and our ceremonies team is getting better and better every year. When I became Chairman, we pretty much had a brand new, young group, so there has been little turnover due to aging-out, and therefore our team grows stronger each year. We are in the process of redoing our callout ceremony. Right now, we do our callouts at camp, and none of the regular ceremonies team is on the summer camp staff--save for one (two, since I will be working at that camp this summer). The point being is that the camp staff seems to have little enthusiasm when doing the callout, so that makes the ceremony seem more dull than it really may be. a combination of enthusiastic, energetic staff ceremonialists and a re-vamped callout ceremony will hopefully help this. It's just hard to make the ceremony interesting while following all the rules (no legend, names, etc.) As for the Inductions Committee, as it is called in our lodge, is also really good. we've got a chairman who's been on the committee as an elangomat for a few years, and our Adviser is returning for his 4th or 5th "term." Safety is a big priority, and I believe it is stressed to all the elangomats. Our Inductions team has several sessions with candidates/new members (different name depending on when the session is ) and it is understood who the elangomat is for each clan and that they are in charge. I have not heard of an instance in which there was a problem with the adults versus a young elangomat, but I'm not saying it won't happen! The Lodge year started November 1, and we have our Lodge Goals planned out for the year already, so we know what we are looking for. hopefully, our LEC and our Members can come together and make our plan work!
  17. Yes, Continutity notebooks are something we are trying to organize this year. We're calling them Committee Plans, and all officers and Committee Chairmen should have one by the end of the year. We have a good Service Committee that already has most, if not all, of the projects ready for the year at both of our camps. Usually, the Boy Scout Summer Camp gets neglected and we find out what the projects are a week in advance at the earliest... And as for timing, we already implement the radio system. When I was activities Chairman last year, we got permission to use the camp radios (a several-thousand dollar system should be used more than just during the summer, don't you think?) and we give one to the kitchen. Communication is so much better (and easier) since we were able to use the radios. I have no clue why they didn't use them before!
  18. I was sent an Adult Application for Council Member-At-Large. Apparently I can be a Member-At-Large under 21, and all members of the Exec Board are to be regestered as a m-a-l in my Council. I turned in the application today and asked about the Uniform. I was told that usually adults are coming from work (the meetings are weekdays from 12-1:15, during lunch), so they wear a suit and tie. But, she said that since I was representing the OA in a Youth role, I should wear my full uniform. She told me to get a "Council Exec Board" patch from the Scout Office. So I did. Even if I am only on the board for a year, I don't mind changing a uniform. It's only a few patchs to remove an one to put on... Snd since the position is in the Council, not in a unit, would I be correct in assuming that i should wear my silver shoulder loops?
  19. John-In-KC Those are some pretty good questions, and I will have to check those out. That would determine whether or not I need a Board Uniform, and whether I even need a Uniform. Thanks for the good points that I never thought about, and also for the well-wishes.
  20. I've never heard of the Founders Award presentation video... what's it like? IS there an electronic copy?
  21. I think I read/heard somewhere that Troops are allowed to create their own neckerchiefs. I know of a local troop that has made a blaze orange hat and matching neckerchief. (Actually, they are the only Troop I can think of that wears ANY neckerchief in our Council). I know my Council's Junior Leader training course issues neckerchiefs with our JLT logo, but that's not a Troop--it's only worn for the week.
  22. Beavah... Yep, I'm from Milwaukee. And thanks for the congratulations. The idea of the two shirts (or maybe the velcro) is what I was planning to do, but I wanted to see what others would think about it. I want to avoid a possible situation where an Older Scouter would think I was being an "uppity" 19-year-old by wearing the Silver loops and Exec Board Patch. I understand that the Exec Board is pretty high on the ranks as far as Council positions go, and I don't want it to seem like I am gloating. But, on the other hand, I should be able to wear the correct Uniform for my position.
  23. I meant to say "ASM patch and other Troop insignia", and by that I meant my Unit number, the red loops, and the trained patch I received for going through Leader training. I think maybe I'll ask what would be preferrable, or if they hand me a Council Committee patch, then I'll change.
  24. Is there a box to check on the form for dual membership? I scanned it and didn't find one. (edited to delete a redundant question about the dual fee)(This message has been edited by milwscout580)
  25. I posted a question in the Council relations forum about Dual Membership--can I be registered in both a unit and as a Council member-at-large at the same time? As Lodge Chief, I was invited to join the Council Exec. Board, and members of the board are to be registered as members-at large. Should I have a uniform as a member-at-large for these meetings? My two tan uniforms both have the ASM and Troop insignia, but one could be changed, if necessary. Currently, as Lodge Chief, I wear my Troop Uniform, as all of the recent past Chiefs have done. But I'm pretty sure that this is the first time in a while that the Chief was invited to the Board (one of our Lodge Goals is to strengthen the bond between Council and the Lodge by having youth representation on Council Committees), so the past chiefs wouldn't have had to be in a different uniform. This may be an odd way of thinking, but I feel that making myself a different uniform may put off a vibe of "self-importance" or "self-recognition" or something. But I would also like to be in the proper Uniform, so if I need to change one of my shirts to a member-at-large version, I will. Opinions?
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