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  1. If a chapter chief is a district committee member, what about a chapter vice chief? Is a lodge vice chief a council committee member as well?
  2. When exactly is a youth allowed to wear silver shoulder loops? The actual BSA policy says anyone holding a council or district position can wear them. Does this include youth? What is actually considered a district position a youth can hold? Is an OA Chapter Chief and Vice Chief allowed to wear them? The idea has been tossed around by some chapter members. Although I think it is a bit of an "I hold a chapter position, you don't" idea,There's some merit to the idea. OA officers have no way of actually showing they're heavily involved in their chapter or lodge. I can see some o
  3. qwazse, that sounds amazing, we are in South West Florida, our chapter meetings are 5 miles away from the beach, a water based camp-o-ree would be amazing. The only downside I can see is I know personally of some land-locked scouts in our district, so we can't do solely water sports, or they'd be left out. We also expect 300+ campers, and 50+ staff, so that'd be 350 people, at 2 people a canoe, so we'd need 175 canoes basically. That's a little far fetched. I do like the idea, and finding a way to incorporate water sports into the camp out would be a huge hit. SSScout, it was approved for
  4. My chapter has just had their Camp-O-Ree last weekend, which means our planning meetings for next year start in 2 weeks. I was wondering if I could get some suggestions for a theme, and constructive criticism for any suggested. Just some background information, I am my chapter's event chair, and camp-o-ree chair. I am very interested in marketing. I'd also like to let everyone know we are a very liberal chapter. We follow the rules, but we are a very fun loving group of guys. Our last theme was an Arcade theme. This appeals greatly to scouts, (target audience) and it has many great team
  5. can I get this deleted? I posted this in the wrong section somehow, meant to post it in OA.(This message has been edited by -Graham)
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