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  1. For the last few years, we've striven to hold a Youth Protection training for our Scouts about once every 12-15 months, showing and facilitating the video, A Time To Tell. The Scoutmaster has been the one to lead the training. We will be doing so again next month, just a couple weeks after the new scouts cross over into the Troop. I took over as Scoutmaster about 6 months ago... and I'm a woman. My question is, should I be the one to facilitate this training? I certainly don't mind doing it, however there are some pretty intense/graphic scenarios, and I wonder if the boys will feel uncomfortable discussing it with me? I'm wondering if I shouldn't have a male Asst. Scoutmaster do it? Thanks for any thoughts, ~Michelle
  2. Well done, congratulations! Your unit will be better for your efforts. =) ~Michelle
  3. Curious wrote: Have you ever considered petitioning national about expanding this material on the syllabus? Or for that matter, even creating a separate course about the patrol method? In fact, you wouldn't even need national approval for a new course. That is something that can be done in-council or even taught at Univ of Scouting. What an excellent suggestion! I would sign up for a Using the Patrol Method course at University of Scouting in a heartbeat!
  4. LeCastor, Your attitude suggests a lot about the experience you're going to have: great!! I am on Wood Badge staff this August, and am also super excited (and nervous!) to be a Troop Guide, I want to give my patrol the best experience possible. My troop guide a couple years ago was pretty good, although not very accessible after the course was over, I plan to be there for my patrol whenever they need help. I see you're in Wisconsin, you aren't by chance going to Northern Star Council WB are you?
  5. MichelleP

    For the ladies: how do you deal with ill-fitting pants?

    Having practically run the gamut of Scouting positions (including being a former DE), I've gone through a few pairs of pants. I bought the women's nylon switchbacks when they first came out, needless to say they fit horrendously, the zippers around the thighs were much too tight. When they reworked them, I bought the canvas switchbacks and they were MUCH more comfortable. Unfortunately, they completely wore out in the legs, right near the crotch area. The pair I currently wear is the older women's pants (twill, I think?), but am going to have to get a new pair of switchbacks, as the CD for the Wood Badge course I'm on staff for in August wants everyone to wear shorts. Blah, I'm not a shorts fan. Maybe I can talk him into capris? =)
  6. MichelleP

    Review by the chief scout executive

    We have a former Scoutmaster who has waited for over a year to hear from National to see if he will be reinstated. At this point, I think they are just avoiding making a decision.
  7. MichelleP

    gifts for staffers

    I'm going to be a troop guide for the Fall 2012 course (Fall... in August? hah!). I want lots of gifts! ~Michelle (OK fine, I don't need any gifts. I just want a yummy camp-cooked meal during that second weekend! )
  8. MichelleP

    Cross over

    The best advice I can give (and already saw mentioned) is to offer Den Chiefs to the pack. Let your boys know how important it is to keep your troop healthy by getting new scouts each year to come in, and hopefully they'll be willing to be a Den Chief (an ACTIVE Den Chief!). When those cub scouts see the older boys in their uniform, acting in a leadership role, they will most certainly want to be like them! Our pack and troop have a pretty good relationship. We have a campout each fall very nearby and invite the Webelos to come out and stay the night Friday night. They learn how to set up their tents, and on Saturday we do scout skills stations led by the boys such as fire building, first aid and knot tying. They get to cook their meals, and we have a big campfire with skits on Saturday evening that we invite the parents to. We also make sure to invite them to a troop meeting in January, to fulfill their Arrow of Light requirements. You can't make them come to your troop, but if you put on a good program, they'll start coming for the fun!
  9. MichelleP

    Blue and Gold

    As many packs as there out there, that's how many different ways Blue & Gold banquets are. We have about 100 scouts in our pack, so door prizes would be a bit spendy! It certainly isn't necessary. We've always had the dens make centerpieces based on the annual theme (we did Scouting through the years one year too, our den printed some Norman Rockwell Scouting paintings and glued them to sticks stuck into some craft foam). When we were smaller, we could get away with potluck, but now we have the food catered by KFC, a special treat the Scouts love, and then have the families bring desserts. We have the district's OA ceremonial team come most years and do the Arrow of Light ceremony for us, the Scouts and parents love that as well, seeing the Indian regalia, the drums and dance, and the whole ceremony of it. Then the Webelos IIs cross the 'bridge' into a Boy Scout troop. We wind it up with some sort of entertainment (magician, Science guy, reptile or bug guy, etc.), but financially not all packs can do this, so guest speakers are an idea, or maybe even a Cub Scout talent show (which would probably take a bit of pre-planning and/or auditions).
  10. MichelleP

    Patrol Competitions

    TT - GREAT idea!! I'll put it on some of the twine being used for lashing. Thank you!
  11. MichelleP

    Patrol Competitions

    Until last week, we weren't doing any type of patrol competitions, I'm trying to show the boys what kinds of things they can do; last week was the first one, I put together a bearing/distance course where they found a small container of Reese's cups at the end (so fun!). I plan to have the scouts take over the planning of these in a month or so when they get the idea. "- Lashing three staves together to create a pole long enough to reach out and snap a mousetrap." I'm going to do this one tonight. My question is, what sort of 'award' should the winning patrol get? I'm guessing something to hang on their patrol flag, I'm looking for a few ideas (something I can throw together this afternoon, preferably!). I am so looking forward to seeing their faces when they get to hang something on that flag, and have some bragging rights! Thanks, ~Michelle
  12. MichelleP

    Not new but need help with profile!

    Me either, I'm a Chrome fan, I guess IE will be the standard for at least awhile longer though.
  13. MichelleP

    Not new but need help with profile!

    Ahaaaa! I was reading in the New Member Problems thread, someone mentioned needing to use Internet Explorer. I took what you said and tried that, it did the same thing as you, it didn't actually continue but when I went back and checked my profile it did finally change my email address. Thanks for the help! ~Michelle
  14. I couldn't find a more appropriate topic to post this in (tech help or something similar) so here we go. I keep trying to change my email address and profile info, but get the following error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14' [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Incorrect syntax near ','. /members/modify/process2.asp, line 19 I'm not using any punctuation (I even removed spaces!) but to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions? ~Michelle
  15. Most of those things aren't really tricks taught to the cat, they're things the cat does either out of instinct... or hunger! LOL I was thinking more like with a dog, Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Roll Over, etc. But I see your point, we can interpret many of the things mentioned as trained tricks I suppose. He's going to video his cats doing different "tricks" and I will be generous in my interpretation. Now, I need some advice on the second part I mentioned, please! =)