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  1. Eagle92, You're forgetting the important prequisites: In order to earn your first bead, you have to complete the WB six day course. In order to earn your second bead, you have complete your ticket. In order to earn your third bead, you have to deliver the promise and train new leaders (I don't think it matters if they're adult or youth). In order to earn your fourth bead, you have to be a course director. Adults can't take the NYLT course. Youth can't take the WB course. At my NYLT course, a Wood Badger completed his ticket (serving on NYTL staff was his last ticket item) and ha
  2. Eagle92, The intent is to encourage Wood Badge trained adults to serve on NYLT staff and to encourage NYLT adult staff who have not taken Wood Badge to do so. Any adult can earn two, three or four beads with the appropriate training and service. To say that this program favors certain adult leaders over others is inaccurate. The prerequisite for those third and fourth beads is the same for and can be earned by every WB and NYLT staffer. In our council, every adult and youth NYTL staffer earn a staff pin for their NYLT shields. Is that nationally recognized or not? I don't know.
  3. I took Wood Badge, completed my ticket, and got a couple beads for it. I've taken those lessons learned and used them to serve the youth in my son's unit for the last three plus, going on four years now. This summer I used them to serve the youth in my council by working on the adult staff of an NYLT course. I got a third bead for doing that. I didn't know that was going to happen when I volunteered. I volunteered because I was asked to take over as Scoutmaster of the unit I serve and wanted to know what the course was like so I could better determine if a boy was ready to take it. The co
  4. There's always another unit. Let your feet to the talking and head for greener grass. Scouting is supposed to be an enjoyable activity for the boys and adult leaders alike. Find a unit that has its act together and your sone likes and go for it.
  5. Yeah... there's a lot of useful stuff in the older handbooks... a lot of outdated stuff too. I think it's a good idea to re-evaluate things every now and then and modernize. All change comes with pros and cons and not everyone will agree on which is which. However, if you don't re-evaluate things, scouting or otherwise, you might find the world passed you by while you were drving your horse and buggy to work. ;-)
  6. I think it's safe to say that if the boys in a troop are good friends, they're going to do things together outside of the troop. Some of which they can't do in the troop because of BSA polcies. As long as the unit is not involved in any way, I don't understand how the BSA could get sued over this if someone gets hurt.
  7. I'm only sure about what my council camping dept. head told me. We communicated via email which wasn't ideal for the exchange of information and references we were discussing but he spent a great deal of time making sure he understood my question. In my council, patrol outings without adult leadership do not seem to be extremely popular. Even though he is the camping dept. head and certainly knows his stuff, I got a strong impression that no unit had ever asked him my question before. If someone has a POC within National, maybe they can confirm. Should probably do that before writing lett
  8. In my coucnil, reservations are required in order to have permission to be on council property--even if you're requesting a no cost resource like a campsite for a unit overnight. They want to know who's there and I find nothing wrong with that. However, considering myself to be a conscientious fellow, I called my council camping dept. about how a requirement for two-deep leadership at all activities in the rules and regs on the back of the reservation applies to patrol outings without adult leadership. Well, first I had to convince them that I wasn't talking about youth protection an
  9. Beavah said, "Each thing in its place, in proper measure. We start with da scoutcraft skills primarily (T-2-1) and then incorporate more management and leadership skills as the boys need those." A youth has to be first class and have attended two summer camps before taking NYLT. So there's an expectation of a certain level of proficiency in scoutscarft skills before attending the course. As an example, part of the NYLT curriculum is about understanding how to teach and share these skills to a patrol based on the ability to recognize a patrol's proficiency level. I agree that it takes
  10. If the VP is hiking out of a base camp, they and the necessary number of leaders could leave for the hike about 30 minutes before the other adults wake up. Or the boys could hike at a pace that's uncomfortable for the adults to keep up. They could practice the motto... If you want to stay young, work with the young. If you want to die young, try to keep up with them. Heck... they could make that their patrol cheer. I heard thru my council that National is going to change their policy and prohibit patrols from conducting outings without adult supervision. Times are a changing.(This me
  11. There are three communication paths. The first is from the SM to the SPL to the PLs to the youth members. The second is between the SM and the CC. The third from the CC to the committe members and parents. Usually, the communication between the SM, CC, and committee members is pretty good no matter what method is used. Usually, announcements in the troop meeting are the best way to get a message to the boys--if they show up. However, you can engrave a message in a granite tablet, throw it through the parents' living room window and it will miraculously land in a black hole under
  12. Yeah... I looked into the possibility of putting the bug in the ear of our older patrol that, with approval, they could go on outings without adult supervision. I called our council to ask a question about some language on their short-term camping reservation paperwork indicating that at least two adults are required for all activities on council property--including patrol outings. I pressed the issue and they contacted National. Apparently, they found out that National is making a policy change to eliminate adult-free patrol outings. Look for changes in the Scoutmaster Handbook, Patrol L
  13. I took 21st Century Wood Badge in 2005. While emb021 said the purpose is to learn leadership skills that can be applied to your program, I would add more specifically that the purpose is to pass the leadership skills you learn to the youth you serve. I'm serving on NYLT staff for the first time this summer and have been in training for that. Can't wait to see how things turn out but the experience so far is really illustrating to me what the purpose of Wood Badge really is. (This message has been edited by MarkS)
  14. CQ CQ CQ... Radio di-di-di-dah-di-dah(This message has been edited by MarkS)
  15. Extra $1? Try $2 extra from $2.49 to $4.49... about a 80% markup. BSA supply doesn't understand the 9th point of the Scout Law I think.
  16. If the G2SS where just a guide, there would be on print in BOLD typeface. It's mostly a guide but does state some policies. That said, it doesn't appear to state any policies regarding pioneering, only guidelines (as far as I found).
  17. What about a Craftsman Sit/Stand/Tote Truck? This sit, stand and tote consists of a large bottom tub for bulk storage and one large tote for additional storage of parts boxes and smaller hand or power tools. It also incorporates a unique hand truck design with a retractable pull handle assembly (that extends to 36 in. high) for easy maneuvering. Includes two 5 in. transport wheels, comfort-grip top handle and two side latches that can be locked with a padlock (not included) for added security. 5,081 total cu. in. of storage. 25 x 17.5 x 18 in. 16.2 lbs. I know mine worked great for c
  18. IMHO Tom Brady does not exlempify the ideals of the Scout Oath and Law and therefore should not be on the cover of BL. However, if he's available in my FFB draft this weekend, I'll snatch him up in a heartbeat and hope is foot is okay later. (This message has been edited by MarkS)
  19. The GSS on scouting.org still says, "Pointing any type of firearm (including paintball, dye, or lasers) at any individual is unauthorized." Additionally, this language is present in the health and safety alert about prohibiting paintball. See http://www.scouting.org/HealthandSafety/Alerts/Paintball.aspx. I'd say they need to update their web site if they hadn't just done that in the last few months since this thread was started. I wonder what happened. Maybe when they pair firearm with laser, they're talking about a high-energy ray gun. I don't think of the toy pistols used in l
  20. I don't know. I think I've seen as many of these kinds of posts because someone's expectations are not being met as much as because the program was not followed. Disputes can still happen when a unit follows the program but doesn't meet someone's expectations. Disputes can still happen becuase someone's lack of knowledge of the program is producing unrealistic expectations. Sometimes people in a group have trouble working together. You don't need the scouting program for this to happen.
  21. Issues like this prompted me to pick up a copy of the Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures Pamphlet, BSA item #33088. In looking it over, it really doesn't provide a lot of guidance for something like this. Nothing on how a Scoutmaster may supersede the opinion of a merit badge counselor. It did say that a merit badge once earned can never be taken away. I'm not sure when "earned" comes into place though but if there is a question as to whether a boy actually did the work required for a badge, it will be best to answer this question as early as possible in the approval process. I
  22. Our OA Chapter puts together two camporees and a klondike for our District each program year. Camp staff and activities are primarily boy led by OA members. OA advisors support the efforts of the boys. Webelos dens are invited to camp with a host troop at the camporees. However, the scouts and Webelos attend different activities during the day. The only activity they do together away from unit camp sites is attend a campfire.(This message has been edited by MarkS)
  23. All we know is that an incident happend at one summer camp which was not observed and the response of the leadership in this case doesn't seem to be appropriate... It was stated that the SM doesn't really like the boy in question but until now any behavior problems were minor. So far, I'm not reading anything IMO that would warrant a purge of adult leadership at recharter. What I am seeing is that they are not communicating very well. They're writing letters and sending emails in regards to something that should be discussed in a face-to-face with all the parties involved. My recommendat
  24. I believe a three pronged approach is necessary to best promote proper behavior and discipline. Our unit summarized BSA policy for our members as follows: 1. Scouts shall conduct themselves in accordance with the principles set forth in the Scout Oath and Law at all times. Physical violence, hazing, bullying, theft, verbal insults, and drugs and alcohol have no place in the scouting program. 2. All adult leaders shall be responsible for monitoring the behavior of youth members and interceding when necessary. However, unless there is an imminent safety issue or a risk of injury, adult
  25. A number of good suggestions were posted. Like Beavah, I like Lisa Bob's solution (needs to be a youth leadership decision though). However, I don't think the boy should be forced to do the demonstration unless you have a high degree of confidence that he cheated. The only way you can figure that out is to talk to the boy and talk to his accusers, and try to figure out who you believe. What I'm mostly concerned about is how the boy was able to get out of the aquatics area and into the showers. Either he never made it in the water and the physical environment of that summer camp permitted
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