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  1. I just assisted my dh in leading our second den meeting with a group of 8 yr old boys and it was the most chaotic, crazy thing I have ever attempted! There were only 6 boys but they were WILD and disrespectful to each other as well as to us! One boys even took his shoes and socks off and put his feet up on the table We thought maybe having them make up den rules would help them to behave but even that went crazy! THey''d yell things like, "never pee on anyone" and then they''d all laugh..etc... We brought treats and they were throwing them at each other. Our son was trying to eat his grapes but two boys grabbed them right out of his plate and then he started crying. It was total chaos and no matter what we (my dh and I) would say, they''d laugh at us and keep on acting up! How do you control such unruley boys??? We got involved in this group because no other parent would step up to do the leadership role. It was a group of boys from our local parish who should''ve been christian boys...but, you''d never have know it by their behavior! We have never done this before and are still "in training" but now I''m not sure scouts is worth all this. We only have one child of our own, whom I homeschool....how do you control boys who are going so wild and are not your own??? We were so hopeful but feeling overwhelmed now and not sure what to do at this point....not so sure scouting is going to work for us after all.
  2. I just bidded and won a yellow scout shirt for myself on ebay! Now I am watching for one for my dh and I thank you all for your great suggestions! I do not know anything about scouts...was given this web address from our pack commissioner. I am anxious to get started in scouting and took two online tests this week. I didn't know there were t-shirts too! I've never had a child in scouts before so all this is new to me but I'm willing to learn and willing to help others. Thanks to everyone again for being so kind and offering all your great advice/suggestions. Thanks to all of you who sent me inspirational emails. All but one was kind. You truly are great "scouts" who love God and each other and believe in helping others. I guess that's what made me want to say "yes" when I was asked to help out. Scout Law A Scouts honor is to be trusted. A Scout is loyal. A Scouts duty is be useful and to help others. A Scout is a friend to all, and a brother to every other Scout. A Scout is courteous. A Scout is a friend to animals. A Scout obeys orders. A Scout smiles and whistles under all difficulties. A Scout is thrifty. A Scout is clean in thought, word, and deed.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I had checked ebay before posting here. There was nothing in my size but I'll keep watching. I wonder if I just used a tan blouse and added the patches if that would work, in case I find nothing??
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I did advertise on our Freecycle several times in the past few months before coming here. I asked about where I could buy uniforms at more of a reduced price at the scout shop and she said to just check with the Salvation Army...which I did. They didn't have anything. Well, I'm not giving up...I am trusting that God will find a way for us to get one this year. Jeanine
  5. My husband wears 16-16 1/2 necksize or usually a Lg shirt if it shrinks at all. Thanks for asking...I checked our local Salvation Army today and they do not have any. : ( Blessings, Jeanine
  6. To Pack 378: Thanks for your kind welcome and reply. I am headed to Craigs list now! Wish me luck! BLessings, SJeanine
  7. I understand it's an investment but we just dont have the money...plain and simple, or I wouldn't be posting here. Sorry if you don't understand. My husband and I both are in need of uniforms and we just cant create money for them that we dont have. My husband was a leader last year and went all year without a uniform and I was hoping we could somehow find some for this upcoming year.
  8. Where do I find any besides the expensive ones at the BSOA Official store?? They are so expensive there! I checked ebay and they didn't have any! We don't have an area uniform bank or closet where I live. Does anyone have a blouse they could sell or donate to me?? I wear a size 34 or small...or med. Also, I'm trying to find a shirt for my husband. He is the den leader for our son who is a Bear this year. I am his asst. Thanks so much. I've been searching all day and this is my last ditch effort to try and find a uniform or at least shirts for us!
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