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  1. Hi Everyone! I have been away for awhile but its great to be back. I need some help, ASAP! Our pack is fairly new. This is our third year but we are very active. I am a Bear's Den Leader and want to make a den totem/doodle for our den. I saw the examples in the "How to Book" but would love any additional ideas that you may have on how to make them. Also, if you can give any suggestions on how the boys could earn the beads and what colors to give for which activities. I know that there is no set format but I would like to know what has worked best for you and what things have gone ov
  2. I agree with gsmom. The fact that there was a witness, noticeable cut on the mouth and an apology by the leader is enough evidence for me. I understand that at times we think that if we just sit back and be passive perhaps the relationship will approve, but it won't. If your son is already seeking therapy for undisclosed reasons, please do not add to his emotional baggage by leaving him in this stressful situation. Doing so will only result in his resentment and displeasure for scouting. You need to find him a new troop immediately! I would also be very weary of him atending camp with th
  3. Mr. Morgan, as a victim of racism, I can honestly say that racism is promoted by separation and isolating of the races. Racism is like a disease that feeds off of ignorance. It always amazes me when people make comments to me. Instead of becoming angry and storming away, I feel as God has opened a door for me to educate and communicate with this person that we are not that different after all. That what makes us different, also makes us special and unique and its hard for anyone to see the beauty in themselves when you can't see the beauty in others. Mr. Morgan, do you have a dive
  4. Just a side bar... The son probably picks on the other boys because that verbal abuse and threats you experienced is probably just a taste of the venom that boy receives from his dad. He (ASM) needs to be put on a short leash.
  5. I applaud your passion and refusal to simply pass the buck. I agree with scoutldr. I agree these boys would be better served in a troop but I think you have to be careful how you tread from there. The most important thing is that there must be some interest on behalf of these boys in scouting. (Remember you can bring a horse to water but you can't make them drink.) If these 3 scouts come from a turbulent background, behavioral issues in a structured environment are to be expected. But scouting may later serve as one of the most important gifts you can offer them. In the right envir
  6. Wow, as we grow older do we grow wiser or just more cynical. We are so ready to throw doubt upon this scout's achievements. There are so many other important underlying topics we could be discussing. Whether or not this scout thoroughly accomplished all the requirements for each badge is really a moot point since he has been awarded then and they can not be taken back. So if he was not qualified to receive Eagle and 130 MB, doesn't blame lie with the adults involved and the entire scouting community. These young boys take an oath. And it is our job to explain to them the meaning and impo
  7. I have found myself thinking the same thought, is the neckerchief a necessity or a mere fashion statement? I mean would a scout be any less distinguished in his uniform without it. I feel as though we need to update it or eliminate it. If asked what changes should be made to the uniform, the removal of the neckerchief would be at the top of my list.
  8. I applaud your dedication to this den. This is a site I found that gives you 130 Den Meeting Activity Suggestions. Of course not all of these will work but it will give you a solid base. www.powwow-online.net/tips/130suggestions.htm Perhaps your enthusiam will be contagious to all involved. Good luck!
  9. Bravo! I think your list serves as a great outline to all troops.(This message has been edited by mama_bear)
  10. I agree with sagerscout. Something in your post raised a red flag. I sense there are concerns or past issues with this troop to cause you to have concern about being "just a name on paper." If that is the case then your meeting should address this issue before you continue. Good luck and I admire your commitment. Keep us posted.
  11. Thank you everyone for your wise advice. I especially like the profound mesage left by OldGreyEagle. I never thought of it that way. Often as parents, we worry too much about if we are doing what is best for our children. My son loves scouting and it is a blessing that he has found something that gives him such great joy and acceptance. When I decided to accept a leadership role next year, I sat down with my son and explained to him that my time would have to be split evenly and fairly among all the boys and he accepted and ackowledged that fact. I then asked him if he would prefer to
  12. I have a question/concern. This is my son's first year in scouting, a Wolf, and he loves it. My son started a new school this year and had great difficulty adjusting and making friends. The kids teased him and the teacher was of no help. Thank God for scouting. My son came home from school excited about the Cubmaster visiting his class and asked me every night about the upcoming meeting. Well I am proud to say he has really blossomed. The problem is that in our pack we have divided up into 2 Dens. One den has great leaders: organized,prepared and they keep great records. The other den,
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