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  1. and as a follow-up, would it be against the rules or otherwise inadvisable to let them attend our meetings FOR A SHORT TIME (Stressed) as open-ended guests. To make sure the seed of scouting is planted, and to keep them off the streets? As long as they follow our rules. I am just so frightened at the prospect of losing any boy. I'm normally a very by-the-book leader. But have never faced having to turn away anyone. (I know, I know, I should have faith that we WILL get these boys in a troop!!)
  2. I have a similar issue with having a new group of 3 boys that have begun to visit our Pack. Each of these boys are 11 years old, and obviously should be introduced into a troop to be ready for the fall. The problem, however, is that each of these boys come from lower income single parent dysfunctional homes, and in 2 cases, are high-risk and have even had run-ins with the law. The only reason they have been attending our webelos meetings, is that one of the boy's grandmothers attends a church meeting on the same night as ours. We have had a talk with the grandmother, and she says that ther
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