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  1. Korea: Getting along with other people is natural, unless someone or something makes us un-learn it. I wish that was the case, then the racial hatred that is increasing in America would not be happening. America is Balkanizing. If we are to make multi-culturalism work, we need to honestly undertand what causes racial hatred. Racists are the symptom caused by racial friction. Racial friction is created when 2 or more races are trying to share the same territory.
  2. SST: Why can't people hang out with those who are similar to them (race, culture, religion, career, hobbies, sports)? The idea is that whites will be better off in places like Ireland, Sweden, and America when they are a minority surrounded by people from Africa and Asia. The idea has not been really tested yet, in terms of whites creating a more enriched society via multi-culturalism, but let's hope that this experiment is a good idea, because there is no going back if it turns out to be a disaster.
  3. eisely: Racists are made, not born. One reason I would outright reject this is because you would have to include that the reason that Israel suffers from intensely from racial cruelty and hatred as because the Jews and Palestinians were made there, as opposed to their innate tribalism being stimulated by the multi-cultural environment, and the extremely limited living space. Human beings are tribal by nature. So, if we recognize that racism is caused by racial friction and that racists are simply a byproduct, we might be able to make better decisions concerning how to make a multi-c
  4. Silver: If you want to stop this hatred, all you have to do is find a way to help all of mankind feel good about who they are. If this is the case then name the multi-racial country that exists now or has existed that was free of racial friction? Does Israel boil over with racial hatred and cruelty because the Jews and Palestinians don't feel good about themselves? I think human beings are tribal by nature. You see this happen naturally in high schools. You see the tribes form: blacks hang out with blacks, nerds with nerds, jocks with jocks, etc. We need to take this and t
  5. Jim: I think there really isn't too many racists out there. I don't know how to gauge that personally. Blacks say that the degree of racism hasn't changed, but has become more covert.
  6. What causes racial hatred: racists or racial friction? Does anyone else appreciate the irony that we rhetorically attack racism, yet support increasing racial diversity in communities? Racial hatred is caused by racial friction; racial friction is caused by two or more races trying to share the same territory. Racists are the symptom, the byproduct of racial diversity. The greater the racial diversity, the greater the racial hatred in a community. Right? Isn't that we have been discovering in this noble experiment to get humankind to transcend its tribal nature? -- Promote mono-
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