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    My bad. I clicked the post new message link, wanting to post a reply. Time to let it die...
  2. I've always wanted to see New York... Anyway, thank you everyone for the great ideas. I'll try them all, and 130 games on one site... That'll be fun. The ping-pong ball idea reminds me of another two-player game that the kids probably already know - Paper Football. As for getting the dad into it more, the best thing right now for me to do is just help him with the workload. Maybe. I guess relieving him of some of his duties probably makes it more fun, so it might help. Again, maybe. And again, I thank everyone.
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  4. Hello, everyone. I am new at these two things; posting here, and being a Den Chief. I know of many games and activities for a regular sized den, however these require more than the two boys this den has. I need some ideas for what a two-cub den can do for fun, as I also need to get the leader a bit more into leading (He's doing the reluctant dad leading thing...). Any help from you guys would be very much appreciated.
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