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  1. Does anyone know why the scouter.com web hosting is not working? I get "The webpage cannot be found" error. -Mark Sklar
  2. Our troop relies on Scouter.com's generous web hosting service, but is still not working since the big crash a couple of weeks ago. We cannot upload new files or delete old files. Are those in charge of this web site aware that it is not working? Thanks for supporting Scouting. -Mark S.
  3. I am also having problems uploading files for our website. The file menu is there but an error occurs when you hit the Add Files or Delete Files button.
  4. It is still not working. I cannot upload files. When will it be fixed???????????? Mark
  5. I guess I spoke a little too soon. Now I can login OK and delete files, but I get an error when trying to upload files. It still needs fixing. Mark
  6. It appears to be up and running as of today. Thank you to those involved. Mark
  7. I tried "Contact Us" and never got a response. The web hosting still does not work. When will it be working again???? Mark
  8. Is there a problem with scouter.com web hosting? I can login to the web hosting but the menus are diplayed with errors. I cannot upload my new web pages for our troop. I never had a problem before. Please help. Is anyone else having problems with the web hosting? Mark
  9. I have the same problem. Does anyone have an answer yet?
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