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  1. We have just had an influx of 10 new boys join our troop. We have our guys are to come to our weekly meeting in either a class A or class B and Must be in class A for Board of Review, Court of Honors and other times as noted. How long a time frame shoulds we give the new boys to get theur uniforms?
  2. gbern

    Merit Badge Sash

    Ok, on 3 across. Just wondering about the spacing between the 3 and between the rows of merit badges.
  3. Was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can find out what the proper spacing is on placing merit badges on the sash.
  4. Anyone know what happened to the Troop Advancement Wall Chart? Can find one for the Cubs and Venturers but none for Boy Scouts. Anyone know where one can be found.
  5. I have almost the same problem. I was asked to join as an Asst. Scoutmaster with my sons troop. My former council and another mergered several years ago. My big problem they had a fire several yeras ago at the council service center and records from 40 yrs ago were destroyed. Any ideas on how to get my old records?
  6. In our troop we have board of reviews set up for every third meeting of the month. We have enough people show up to hold the board if a boy is ready if not the board members can go home if they don't want to stay.
  7. My son was the same way 6 months ago. He just decided that he didn't want to go to scouts any more. When I asked him why not he said it wasn't fun and he didn't like what they do. What they would do is sit in a room and talk camping trip, merit badge. It the boys in charge didn't have anything planned yhe would go outside and do PE. This last Monday night he surprised me and asked to go to the meeting. Got there they did the same old thing, noting was planned so ourside they went. There is a camping trip this weekend. Now my son have a very hard decision to make. Last night a man cam
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