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  1. 2eagles- The ARC in my area is "greater chicago". We are about 30 miles northwest of chicago in Mchnery county. I was unalbe to find any class offerings off the ARC website. I will try to call to see if I can get a voluteer to work with us. It certianly doesn't seem important enough to warrant a road trip but if you know of someone in this area, please pass along the contact info. I appreciate the help! I'm trying to find a structured program for this requirement rather than teaching on my own for a couple reasons: 1. I think it covers some really important life skills so I want the i
  2. Calico- Thanks for the encouragement. And you're right that just a little rewording is all that's needed. I wish the leaders in my pack were as clear-thinking as the scouters on this forum. They looked at me like I had 3 heads when I suggested we re-work the rules to be more sensitive. The response was simply "this is the way we've always done it and we've never had a problem...next issue" And just to set the record straight, I think it's great to encourage the boys to learn to cook and to bond with Dad or any other male in the process. And I do think this is a fun opportunity and it is
  3. Thank you all for the responses....you made some great points and gave sound advice. Admittedly, I'm probably a little more heated about the issue because I've seen how it affected Moms and scouts in my den. The suggestions to actually write the copy are great. It would be a lot harder for the committee to ignore me if I've done the work. I don't even mind if the rules suggest that scouts should take on the challenge and bake with someone who doesn't really know their way around the kitchen...I know this is meant to be fun. It just needs to be worded in a way so non-traditional families can ju
  4. Like many packs, we have a cake auction at our B&G. The rules drive me absolutely crazy. They explicity say only Dad's and scouts can bake cakes and there "absoluely be no advice, insturction or help of any sorts from Mom"....this theme is repeated in the rules. I happen to have 2 boys in my Den who don't have Dad's around to bake cakes with due to divorce and no involvement. I've brought this issue to the pack last year and then again this year with no change to the rules. They told our single Mom's to jsut go ahead and bake the cakes with their scout but the Mom's chose not to...th
  5. Thanks for the tip....I'll reach out to a troop in my area to see if they can help.
  6. I'm new to this forum and I'm trying to find a structured program for my Webelos Den to earn Readyman. I've looked high and low on the web & can't find a hospital, firestation or red cross sponsored program out there in the northwest burbs of chicago. I know Red Cross has the BAT (basic aid training) course that fulfills all requireents but I can't find anywehre to take the class. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places??? Any help would be appreicated.
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