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  1. So, our pack has an ugly trailer. We may have someone that can give it a solid-color paintjob. Does anyone know of any internet sources where we could get some kind of graphics or lettering for the outside? I'd thought about getting a wrap style thing done, but that's more than a thousand dollars and not a good use of limited funds. What is the most cost-effective way to add a professional looking design to an ugly trailer?
  2. I need help. I just volunteered to be cubmaster for my boys' pack. I've been treasurer for the past year. Problem is, I'm a big guy, and the official 4x uniform at the scout shop is too small. Yes, I'm currently on a diet and exercise plan to drop enough weight to get into the 4x. However, in the meantime, I'd like to have one to wear to set a good example for the pack. Can anyone help me out. Are there official uniform shirts in sizes larger than 4x? I'm estimating I'd need a 6x based on the way the 4x fits. Truthfuly, I don't even mind getting a custom uniform for now. Thanks, any h
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