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    summer camp activities question

    I find it hard to believe that a well run 52 week program would come crumbling down because of less than perfect week at summer camp.
  2. Its way too early to be picking positions. I started a troop in October of 2007. Since you have a willing CO that issue is negated. Next step, how much money will they front you for patrol boxes, a troop flag and (sigh!) a trailer. You can limp along with out these for a while but the first few months will have fundraisers in them. I agree with focusing on summer camp and a program calendar. With out six months of planned outings the sweet 16 will not all come. Without a summer camp spot reserved they will not all come either. Sit down with the webelos leadership and pick out 2-3 campsites that you could do overnight camping in. Look at the council calendar and see if they have mini camps where your boys can earn rank. Show this to the boys and have them help you refine the calendar. Mix the campsites and the council activities and have six months worth of reserved outings planned for and on a document that you can show anyone who asks. In conjunction with the forward planning, pick up all three volumes of the Program Features sold at all boy scout stores. These tell you how to run meetings and build towards a specific outing. Good luck (This message has been edited by Its Me)
  3. Its Me

    Adult Patrols

    John-in-KC, your argument appears weak. Some how the youth participants in the game of scouting will have their character and development go into a downward spiral if a group of adults sign a song or give an occasional cheer. I disagree. And most who don't like the adult patrol tend to exaggerate the amount "patrolness" that an adult patrol will have. From my understanding the adult patrol's net effect can be a positive influence on the troop by: setting an example, collecting and organizing adults (see the April 2007 thread on PL leader sleeping with parent), providing a bonding experience and favorable social environment for the adults volunteers. (This message has been edited by Its Me)
  4. Beavah, I would take your oath but I think I read somewhere, or maybe it was at a training event that someone got sued for taking an unofficial Boy Scout pledge and they weren't covered under the insurance. Its a liability issue.
  5. Its Me

    preparation for SM conference

    Lisabob I can see that your SM is trying to engage the scouts in a dialog. Maybe your SM finds it difficult to get the boys to express their goals and reflect upon their accomplishments so he is looking for keys to engage the boys in discussion. The SM should prep for the scoutmaster's conference. Have all key troop activities and dates before him so he can discuss these with the boys. That should bring out some good discussions. The SM should do the write up not the boy. Most of my scouts would prefer that Scouting be a writing free zone.
  6. The Obvious and not so obvious Finding the right charter. Getting records from the old troop. Opening a bank account. Fundraising for patrol boxes, flags, and seed money for campsite reservations.
  7. Its Me

    Rope (and poles)

    I found 1/4" manila rope from Grainger (you need a business account) was the most economical. Its cheap and does not stretch. I bought a 1200' roll and used it all for a Pioneering tower. I got my poles from a farm and fence supply store. My poles are 3-4" pressure treated fence post at $2.48/ea. At 6.5' long they are sufficient but are not handsome by any stretch of the imagination.
  8. Sometimes I feel like a plant, other times a bird. Too often though, I feel like a plant wishing I were a bird.
  9. Its Me

    Laser Tag mini-Camporee

    I have played many games of laser tag and I thoroughly enjoy the game. Team work is key to obtaining the objective. The same can be said for paint ball which I have also found as great fun. If BSA took a poll I would vote both as allowable. The game of laser tag is not dangerous. Funny how an organization founded by a military hero, patterned off a military patrol, with military uniforms including rank insignias is worried about a game being too close to the fire of paramilitary.
  10. Its Me

    FCFY Calendar

    Bob White, I don't know what your backpacking skills are, but the complexity of selecting the capacity, frame-type, packing, choosing what to take and properly fitting a backpack to a scout's back goes well beyond the technical skills of a patrol yell and raising a flag in the Tenderfoot rank. goes into. Heck
  11. Its Me

    FCFY Calendar

    Bob White, I am guessing that you have recently accepted the position as ASM for a new scout patrol. If so congratulations. I believe you have a lot to offer. However, you don't have 90 minutes at a troop meeting to teach skills. By the book (Program Features, meeting planner) you have 20 minutes for skills instruction. Opening-closing ceremonies, patrol meetings and inter patrol games consume the rest of the time. On a separate patrol outing on a Saturday or Sunday and sure 90 minutes of instruction can be held. I would still break this up with some games and stuff. But 90 minutes of pure instructions on a school night, Yuk!
  12. Good point. I believe that in general we "society" are much more involved in our children's development than in past generations. We now find purpose for what would have been simple pleasures before. Sports is done to build fitness and understand team cooperation. Karate for fitness and self discipline. Chess club for math skills. 4-H for economics and animal responsibility. For communication speech is a required course and our school has a forensic club where students complete every 6 weeks or so in speeches. Adult association; there seems to be a lot of adult involvement in our kids lives. Patrol method, your boy likely has a posse at school and it has a leader. There is a substitute for most of what scouting has to offer. Kudo's persistent argument that scouting now over emphasizes Leadership could be explained as a whittling down of how scouting has come to distinguish itself. Scouting provides two things above the others, leadership positions and outings. Leadership is not available to middle school kids. Where would they get it? Student council? What authority do they have the effects other people. Team captain? Maybe. But in scouting they have the responsibility for training others and managing the discussion of peers. And the outings. I have adopted "Its the outing stupid" as a mantra. Have a good annual program that escalates the outing into ever more adventurous outings and the boys will stay. No outings or too often canceled outings and they will flee.
  13. Its Me

    Three Levels of Boy Scouts

    Yep Boy Scouts is looking more and more like Cub scouts, where divisions are based on age and adult leaders are training the youths.
  14. Its Me

    Adult Patrol V Leadership Team

    We do not have an adult patrol but the concept is intriguing. The adults should eat, camp and to some extent socialize away from the boys. I can see the biggest value for an adult patrol is meal time at a campout. Right now my young patrol is struggling to feed and cook for itself. Add four hungry men to the table and the burden on the new patrol is high. Add a guest adult and its scary. Now I don't think anyone is saying that the adult patrol is taken too seriously. In that they don't line up and compete in the bucket brigade race at the troop meeting. I can see that the adult patrol is there to only to sop up the adults and get them away from hovering over the youths. With an adult patrol what do you do with the SPL and ASPL? Are they part of the adult patrol? Or does the adult patrol just feed these guys as guests?
  15. Its Me

    The role of the PLC

    Bob White, the Program Features outlines for the PLC, at most the exact events for a particular month's focus at minimum the method to plan for a month's worth of activities. All these monthly Features include new scout development. The way you describe the system the the New Scout patrol in an inferior patrol not allowed at the table. That's just wrong. Plus the whole troop and especially the older scout will have a hand in training the new scouts in the skills they need for advancement. Again your description sounds like an adult does all the training thus depriving the older scout of a prime opportunity to demonstrate scout skills, leadership, planning and communication skills.
  16. Its Me

    New troop

    We formed a new troop in October with 8 active scouts and we have what I consider a boy run troop. From the start we have been committed to implementing the full the program. We have monthly PLC meetings, annual planning, monthly campouts, summer camps and courts of honors. Money for troop equipment has been a steep climb. We have held fundraisers and still seem short on cash. Registration fees, flags, patrol boxes and badges all add up. Trailers and troop tents are pipe dreams at the moment. The five year plan as Beavah laid out is sound advice. The first year or so it will be adults giving the skill lessons at troop meetings.
  17. We pay as we go. The Charter is an American Legion post but they are in no position to financially help us. We get a meeting hall that adequately meets our needs. No Complaints. In Follow Me Boys, Troop Hickory is given a multi-million dollar piece of land and building on a Lake. Sigh! I have Lem envy sometimes. (This message has been edited by Its Me)
  18. Its Me

    I Have More Important Things to Do

    I have way more important things to do than reply to this thread.
  19. Sign-up for WB Your training will be more important to the Pack than being there the first night. Besides the first Pack meeting of the year, especially for tigers is just sign-up. It takes a couple of weeks or longer to sort out den leaders and meeting nights and places. Signing up den leaders and getting parents involved over the course of a couple of weeks is why you get paid the big bucks. Schedule a committee meeting or leaders meeting two weeks after sign-up. This will be a far better way to communicate pack functions than at a pack meeting with kiddies running all around.
  20. Its Me


    Why do we dwell so much on the purpose of scouting and not on the fun? Because the purpose and program of scouting is far more complex and difficult than manufacturing Fun. On any given Saturday when we have finished the scheduled program or skill that we were working on, the boys simply go off and make their own fun. Some play, some yak away the hours. There is no problem. I don't have to draw up a fun procedure chart. There is no "official" chief merry maker reporting to the ASPL. Fun happens so much that at about five when dinner needs to be prepared the boys typically have to be rounded up. At troop meetings I leave it up to the Senior Patrol leader to hold patrol games. Most of the time this is a round of basketball or manhunt. Fun should just happen.
  21. Its Me

    Eagle candidates and leadership

    I agree with you, that a scout who can't lead a flag ceremony will have a hard time leading an eagle project. He has moved too fast. If you aren't careful his father and noy him will lead his Eagle project.
  22. The Tours and Expeditions, No. 33737 publication is in the transportation section of G2SS. It is unlikley to contain additional clarification on the required sleeping quarters for a Pack outing.
  23. At our annual planning meeting we were looking at a similar situation. We had a big, one room facility. We decided that the lone female would be in separate quarters if she set up a tent within the building and slept in that. In the field, a 3 foot gap and two pieces on 3mm of nylon constitute separate facilities. Separate should have the implication of privacy, not bearer.
  24. Its Me

    Issues with the current SM

    For goodness sake just leave. Its a youth program run by volunteers; not all will be well run. You didn't enlist your son in a five year program with this guy. Have a meeting with the disgruntled parents, seek out other troops and leave. If two - three other boys go to the same troop you and your son choose, great. If none come, they will after a few months. Boy Scouting is a product. Its meant to train, develop and entertain boys. If these things aren't happening at your present troop then the product your son is receiving is defective. Seek out a new boy scout troop where the entire package is delivered. Then leave and don't look back.