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  1. Oak Tree. Thanks. I read the other string. Notice the big "CAVEAT LECTOR" at the bottom. Why the need to put that if we have nothing to fear legally? Just the thought alone of having a "situation" with kids and I am one of the adult leaders, makes me very uncomfortable. Let's put this to bed (pun intended). Happy scouting to all.
  2. Oak Tree, very good comments. I am not trying to be a stick in the mud, and..... I am also very conscious of the court system. If in your aquarium situation one of the mothers on the trip inadvertenly sees a clothing malfunction, and it goes to court, the first question asked will be if the troop/pack followed prescribed rules and guidelines. That would be, in everything I have read so far, at a minimum of hanging a blanket or sheet. So the judge would ask, "Did you do that." With the answering being no, and with the simplicity of doing such a thing in most cases (i.e., hanging a rope and draping a sheet), I gotta believe you lose that lawsuit. And who is going to pay for that??? Common sense can be thrown around all we want, but for those that want to use that, please critique the above scenario right to the point. Do you think it would play out as I prescribed IF it went to court. Yes or No. It would be great if a lawyer in this forum would comment on this, one who deals with harrassment law.
  3. Regarding the plastic sheet or blanket, the statement from the G2SS has to do with seperating adults from youth. What about seperate adult males from adult females?
  4. Beavah, I appreciate your comments, but you can't simply rely on common sense in the face of a guideline or requirement. Absent that, of course you do what is best, but if the definition of "seperate sleeping facilities" is a hard wall, for instance, and you use a plastic sheet, I don't care what YOUR common sense tells you, if someone makes an issue, YOU will lose. I am looking for by BSA legal position on the matter. If they don't have one, fine.
  5. Hi: Thanks for all the replies. Without being too critical, I don't want to put our pack or myself into a possible harrassment or youth protection gray area. I don't want to rely on common sense when it comes to those things regarding sleeping arrangements. I would really like to rely on a concrete definition of seperate sleeping facilities. I appreciate people "making it work", but using the words "should" when it comes to this topic does not give me a comfy feeling. Also, just because a destination sleeps scouts, or caters to scouts, puts no obligation on them to have to meet BSA requirements. That is up to the Pack or Troop to enforce and monitor. Thanks to all who took the time to respond.
  6. Hi, our pack is considering camping overnight on the USS Little Rock in Buffalo. The national office clearly states in their Guide to Safety Scouting that "Male and female leaders buy have seperate sleeping facilities." Also, single-room or dormitory style accomodations for scouting units: adults and youth of the SAME gender may... What about female leaders coming on the trip???? It seems the only out I would have is in the definition of "Seperate facilities". I have been trying to find Publication Tours and Expeditions, No. 33737, for more clarification, but can't find that anywhere. HELP!!
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