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  1. Hello everyone, this was my first Jamboree and I loved it. I was in Troop 1112 in Subcamp 11. We were camping just behind the "Taj Mahal"
  2. Hello everyone, this was my first Jamboree and I loved it. I was in Troop 1112 in Subcamp 11. We were camping just behind the "Taj Mahal"
  3. I was in Subcamp 11, my troop had the car patches, they were hot at Jambo. The fireworks were ok, better than the show, but Bush was cooler. I liked the fireworks because I have never seen so many of them before.
  4. I am a scout from Michigan, I attend the Jamboree and I am willing to share my experences. I would have got to you sooner but I just got onto this site, and I like it very much. The Jamboree was a lot of fun, I met a lot of new people, saw the greatest fireworks show ever, and heard the president of the US speak. I had a blast and am willing to share more if this post site is still active. Please reply to this and let me know if there are any people who wants to hear more. Thank you. J.Habbershaw
  5. I am a member of a troop in Michigan, and am working on my eagle. I only have a few merrit badges to go, and I am working on them at home, but I am the Jr. Asst. Scoutmaster in my troop and the way my troop is set up, I have to go. We have no SPL. So with only having a few things to work on, I will have a lot of free time. I think it is good to have free time so the boys can clean up the campsite and their sleeping area. I also like to fish so that will be worked in too. You dont want to overwork the boys, they will be too tired to do anything by mid-week. Plus you want them to have time to pl
  6. Well Hello! Greetings from the crappy weather state of Michigan! We just have thw worst weather here, o well I can get over it! Neway, welcome!
  7. Respect is something you have to earn. On the internet, we should treat others with respect, not just because we are scouts, but we are all trying to make our troop/pack/crew better. I asked a question, and was put down because I am a member of a troop and dont need to be asking those questions. But in reality, it was just asking how do I deal with a troublesome boy, I am just a Jr. Ast. Scoutmaster in the troop and am working on my Eagle rank, but I want my troop to have the best, so I ask others on here for answers, sometimes getting shunned out or disrespected for it.
  8. I couldnt hear all of the ceromony, I had the cheap seats. But he attempted to save their lives w/ first aid., The whole week there was talk about the scouters and scouts from Alaska, and how that had happned. But he attempeted to save them.
  9. I also have had the honor to see a boy recieve the Medal of Honor with Crossed Palms. He earned it while attending the National Jamboree. He was one of the Alaskan troop members who had lost their leaders in the tragic accedent. He was awarded it in front of the entire Jamboree. It was indeed a great experence and one day and hope to recieve it one day for saving a life. J.Habbershaw Troop 129
  10. In my opinion, the best troop to go to is the one who helps out the most. In my troop, we interact with the pack to show the boys that we are willing to help them. They also think that it is cool to have an older kid as a friend, that will help them decide what troop to start going to.
  11. Hello, I am a Jr. Ast. Scoutmaster for Troop 129. I like it when Webeloes come to my troop. I also like it when they make a time to come to my meeting. I do understand what you mean about kissn up to them or by catering to them. Another troop did that and we almost lost a few boys to them because that troop did all this special things just for them. While when that came to my troop we helped that get another part of their rank by folding the flag. We also did some trust falls, thats a good one to do. But overall makeing arrangements is always better, you can usually tell when a troop is c
  12. Hello, I am the Jr. Ast. Scoutmaster for my troop. We have two patrols, The Flamming Phoenix and The Nightelves. (Dont ask because I have no idea) But we have no SPL. The patrols switch off each week as the "Senior Patrol" and they have to plan the meeting, and maybe an outimg. They run the meeting and report to me and I report to the Scoutmaster. They tell me their plans and I either approve or disapprove what they want to do. But this has put participation efforts through the roof, all the boys participate in carrying out the meeting, between opening and closing, and the scout skills
  13. I attended the Jamboree, so I will put some of my patches up there.
  14. I learned to trade at the National Jamboree. I have learned how to trade and had a blast doing it. But i have a few patches left over from the Jambo if ne1 is willing to trade...let me know if ya wanna.
  15. TY for the welcome. I am working with a solid granite eagle and am getting it up on a 10ft tall concrete stand.
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