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  1. It's been several days since I first posted my request for tips and it hasn't generated much discussion. Can anyone else give me some pointers before I get out my tool kit and start experimenting?
  2. One of my troop's 2 burner Coleman propane stoves has only one burner which works right. The second burner only puts out a weak yellow flame and gives off much soot. We also have a 2 mantle propane lantern which is not working right. The mantles give a very weak yellow light when it is turned way down. If you try to turn it up, flames escape from the mantles and they never developes the white "balls" inside of them. I thought I would look here for maintainance or repair tips before I started experimenting on my own.
  3. I would wager that if a scientific survey on this subject existed, it would be widely circulated and frequently quoted. Lacking that, I believe that there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence which shows that national discriminatory policies do in fact supress membership. My own family came very close to not joining. I did not come from a childhood scouting background. I also consider myself to be very liberal and/or progressive in my political views. So when my son came home from Kindergarten one day with a cub scout roundup flyer, I was less than enthusiastic about having him jo
  4. Hello Drockspur My troop has a very lenient policy towards uniforms. We request that every member has a class A shirt with appropriate patches. We accept any pants/shorts that are fairly close to the right color. BSA belt and socks are never even considered. When we ask our people to wear full uniform, all we are asking for is class A shirt with green pants/shorts. Period! There are only four occassions when we insist that our version of full uniform be worn. those are Boards of Review, Courts of Honor, camporee flag ceremonies, and evening meal at summer camp. For all other events and
  5. When I was a kid (1970's), my 4-H club bought birdseed, wholesale, and sold it, retail, as a fundraiser. Once a month we took a small display table to the local Audobon Association meeting and did very well. My troop would like to try this now, but we have not been able to find a source of wholesale birdseed. Can anyone point us in the right direction? We are located in NJ, if that makes any difference. Private messages are welcome.
  6. I would like to trade or possibly purchase tie-dyed class B shirts. Size XL. Personal messages welcome.
  7. I would like to know who made the decision to place the tent in that location. Was it the contractors decision or were they directed to place it there by someone in BSA?
  8. Scouter Mom, Thank you for your insight into a scouting subgroup which we've all heard about but few have experienced personally. Prarie Scouter, Can you tell me which Time 2000 issue that quote appeared in? This theory has been talked about for years, but I've never seen any actual documentation.
  9. Wow, Scouter-mom, a Non-LDS Leader of an LDS troop. Have I got some questions for you! First, though, let me say that I have very little knowledge of LDS beliefs or practices. My suburban east coast council has 2 LDS troops in 2 different districts. They tend to keep to themselves and not participate in district or council level activities. Also, my son camped adjacent to the Utau National Parks Council at Jamb05. (subcamp 20, the "overflow" camp) According to him, most of those kids were LDS and when they were away from their Scoutmasters you would never guess they were any different fro
  10. The following is the clearest and best informed statement from a true insider that I have found: Boy Scouts of America, Jamboree: Somebody in a position of authority put appearances ahead of safety. A message from one who was there. ---------------------------- "The Jamboree had the necessary procedures and personnel in place to deal with such an emergency. Prevention was the key. Besides the frequent warnings, adequate supplies of water were available to everyone. Activities were limited or closed as the temperatures rose. Had the BSA not been prepared, this number could hav
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