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  1. Hops, The most important three things about a backpack are 1) fit, 2) fit, and 3) fit. External frame packs are for the most part more adjustable than internal frame packs. This is a good thing since Im pretty sure that you body will continue to change in the next few years. If there is any way that you can try on this pack at a local store before buying it, I would strongly advise you to do that. Remember, you will pay the shipping costs if the pack has to be returned because you dont like the fit. Measure your torso, and make sure that you are in the 18-21 torso length guidelines for th
  2. Pompous, arrogant, and book-thumper differ greatly from loudmouth, bullying, and bigoted. One is on the High Road, the other on the Low Road. FOG I am sorry to say that your approach gives me, and I suspect many others, a felling that you are a man lacking respect and overflowing with immaturity. Your disagreements with Bob White (and others) can be posted with more class and respect. Your expertise and knowledge of Scouting can be brought to this forum in more constructive manner. Much as LauraT7 has said, would your Scouts, your Wife or your son(s) be proud of your posts here? I think
  3. Brunton, the compass manufacturer, offers wholesale pricing to Scouters. I just bought a full Educational Kit from them with eighteen 2090G compasses for less than I could have bought the 18 compasses at Campmor. The kids are all getting the compasses for the holidays. When we teach map and compass in the spring they will all have the same units, and we will have the training aids to accompany the compass that the boys have. On another front.... there are some extreme deals out there on Gregory Backpacks. Gregory is introducing the new model year and has offered very deep discount
  4. I am not quite sure if you are talking about a den or pack. I think you are primarily referring to the den. The boys, even Tigers, should not be running wild for the hour. Some of that time yes, but not all of it. Even Tiger meetings have structure. An opening and closing can take 10 minutes. In the den meeting they should be doing a craft or game that supports the achievement that they are working on. During the remaining time they should be engaged in a suitable supervised activity. The boys will quit if they are not engaged in the Program, or to say that another way, the boys dont need scou
  5. DenleaderDad, You are correct that the belt loops and pins are extra. But you can still weave them into your program and have the boys earn them along the way. The boys will not earn their Wolf badge by completing umpteen electives or belt loops. I would pick a time frame within which you would like to see the boys complete their achievements and have them work toward that goal. You may have a jack rabbit that completes his achievements sooner, but thats OK. After they have earned their badge they can work on many of the electives or belt loops as a group. This also gives you something to
  6. I think that the difference makes for a great trivia question!
  7. Hello Everybody, Lets try this out for a uniform incentive. A friend of mine suggested this method. What do you think of it? A very quick uniform inspection at the beginning of the den meeting. At the end of den meeting raffle off a small toy. Do this each weeek at the den meetings. Only the properly uniformed scouts are in the raffle. He defines properly uniformed like this; Shirt, neckerchief, slide, badges on the uniform, hat, and an acceptable long sleeve shirt under the uniform shirt if its being worn. Any dark pants, (not sweat pants) are acceptable. Any shoes.
  8. Hi, We have the boys make stuff for the tables, placemats, centerpieces, and napkin rings, anything that can go on the table. Last year my den made small US Flags from craft sticks to give out as favors. They were also placed on the tables. The idea is that everyone contributes. Thats not to say that some store bought decorations arent OK, we also get blue and gold (yellow) helium balloons to put on the tables. As for the B&G chairman job, our tradition is to let the outgoing Webelos leaders put the event together. The CM is of course the MC, but the people in charge are the out
  9. You have a dilemma! Since most of your boys seem to have new book, I would opt to follow that instruction for all of the boys. In fairness, I think that this would be the best way to go. Be certain to explain to the parents that the program changed and these are the new rules. Since its only December and your boys will be earning their badges, you still have plenty of time to load up on arrow points, using all the other electives in the book.
  10. The age of the Scout is important here. Is this a new Scout 1-2 years with the troop, or, has the boy been around for more than 2 years (maybe 3 years). If its a new Scout, Im not sure that this question can be asked without looking back on how the Webelos Scout transition was handled. Did the boys who were CS together move together into BS, or, did the boy move to BS all by himself because someone (something) sold him or his parents, on a troop that was 15 miles away? If its an older Scout, the questions' are in some ways harder to get a good answer for. If the boy was the subject
  11. The parents certainly have one set of questions that they will ask, and a CS leader will ask a different set of questions. A trained and very involved CS leader will ask still another set of questions. The Webelos really dont know what kind of questions to ask. Why would they, how could they??? TwoCub, my hats off to you for trying to come up with a list of questions for the boys! I think the boys should be asking questions like: How often do you meet? Will I advance if I dont make all the meetings? Will I be expected to participate in fundraisers? Must I be in uniform all th
  12. The black loops are worn only by official members of the BSA internal affairs department which investigates secret uniform violations of a punishable nature -- JUST KIDDING! VERY Good... two points to DS!
  13. Twice now in this thread, posters have commented that child abuse is unlikely in the den meeting. We need to correct and change that thought process! Child abuse can take place anywhere, and at anytime. I shutter to say it, but somewhere across this great land, with a house full of people, some young child was being abused yesterday while the turkey was on the table. Its as likely to happen at a den meeting, as it is at camp. Remember that den meetings are not always with 6-8 boys. Many den meetings occur with only 2 boys present. The YP policy is written to protect both the leaders and
  14. Allow me to be the first Thanksgiving Day poster to say, Happy Thanksgiving!! The turkey is in the oven, #1 son has a front row seat in front of the TV for the parade, the table is set and the front door is open welcoming our guests. It just doesnt get any better then this. I hope everyone's is as good. Have a great holiday.
  15. Why have a policy that is exclusive of the event that causes the leaders, and boys, to be most vulnerable? Why have a policy that is exclusive of the event that causes the leaders and the boys to spend the vast majority of their time together? I am of course talking about the den meeting.
  16. Hi Barry, The G2SS section on YP appears to me to be identical to YP Training. Abbreviated but identical. Having said that, it does require two deep leaders. Two leaders or one leader & and a parent. I see no accommodation for a group of three. The two deep requirement is on the first page of text in the G2SS (uh-oh Im starting to sound like Bob). This particular section is set in the overall context of Scouting. Further on in the G2SS, specific YP issues are discussed for different situations such as trips and outings. The really odd thing here is that the CS Leader Book refer
  17. The issue of two deep leadership at den meetings has privioulsy been brought up in this fourm. What happened here is exactly what has happened in the past, someone posts that two deep is not required at den meetings. Where I come from, two deep is just that two deep all the time. Just stop and think of it for a second, the YP policies are designed to protect both the kids, and the leaders. Why on earth would the policy be written to exclulde the location where Cub Scouts spend the vast majoirty of their time? It doesn't make sense.
  18. Im sure that some here will not like this response, but Ill make it anyway. Unless you have snow to play with, safe ice to skate on, or a trail to hike, I see no reason to bring a CS pack out in the cold. Go tubing, or go sleigh riding, build snowmen or igloos. Do something active in the winter environment. Wait for the first snowfall, then get on the phone and set up a spontaneous Winter Carnival for the next Saturday. Planning an outdoor winter event with stations just doesnt seem like a good idea to me, not unless there is plenty of snow for the kids to play in.
  19. I think that the two-deep leadership requirement imposed by BSA is one of the best things Ive seen to date. The policy is simple and easily communicated to the leaders and the parents. Two-deep is just that, two-deep, no gray area here! It is of course very unworkable at times, or at the very least, very cumbersome at times. Picture a den meeting and one of the boys needs to use the bathroom. You either need four adults, (two for the bathroom & two for the meeting) or else everyone goes to the bathroom together. This becomes very disruptive to your meeting. I wish the CS camping re
  20. Uniforms....Did I hear something about uniforms? Nevermind.
  21. Here is a link to the NYT article http://www.nytimes.com/2003/11/07/arts/design/07MUSC.html?8hpib
  22. Bob, When youre right, youre right. Scoutdads method is the very best we can do! But project that method across some span of time. In particular, take the kid I am talking about. Remember that this kids clothing is an offshoot of what appears to be, at the very least, the familys defiance to wearing the uniform correctly. This kid will in all likelihood never wear a proper uniform, not in CS and not in BS. But he does come to most meetings! Across the program there are many kids like this one who will never be in the uniform that you and I would like to see them in. This boy wi
  23. Before anyone has the temptation to take this out of context...I am not mocking the golden rule of Praise in public, reprimand in private, just using it make a point.
  24. I think gambling a child's self image on the belief that he has a short memory is not a reasonable course of action or respectful of the scouts we serve. Now folks, who are we really kidding here. Isnt this what happens EVERY time you conduct a uniform inspection. Praise in public, reprimand in private, are you inspecting the partially uniformed scouts in a private location? Of course not! I dont care how you do it, it is impossible to conduct a uniform inspection without some kids feelings being hurt. You simply cant do it without bringing attention to the unkempt kid or the kid whose fa
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