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  1. Just a follow-up on this server crash issue. I just talked to David Tracewell who is the administor of the cubmaster.org, macscouter.org, and the usscouts.org sites. Parent company is U.S. Scouting Service Project, Inc in Kansas City, MO. Server crashed three weeks ago and they just got in the new server today and it will be about two to three more weeks before all the data can be moved over to get the sites back up. They normally get 3 million hits a month on their sites and it their server wasn't large enough to handle the volume. But being a non-profit organization it took the a w
  2. I'm been involved in several of these issues over the years and I'm currently the Cubmaster that has 12 Dens and/or 98 Scouts. Your issues and concerns should be first addressed by your Cubmaster as that's his primary role. If he is not able to address the issue the item need to be address by your next Pack Committee monthly meeting or also called Parent Meeting. The Pack Committee consists of the Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Committee Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and Advancement Chairperson. If this group can not resolve this issue that's when your District Commissioner gets invo
  3. I understand where your coming from. I've been involved in Cub Scouts for over 9 years with two sons and I'm currently the Cubmaster for over 98 boys in our Pack in MN. We have had to make changes over the years as we have had several boys get upset for the same reasons you've stated. Thus we have the following practice put in place. Two PWD workshops are planned four weeks before the PWD and yes the boys get to test the car before the races also. All the secrets are shared with all the scouts and parents on how to build the best PWD car. We have five advanced adults work with each of t
  4. The dialogue of this issue has gotten very intereting and wanted to mention as the original author to this toplic that we resolved our original issue with the parent basically backing down, since the scout was unable to present any demonstrations of his work. As for this issue dealing on Webelos having to re-earn pins and belt loops the new Webelos guide states. "If you've earned the Physical Fitness Sports Pin earlier in Cub Scouting, you must earn another Physical Fitness Sports Pin as a Webelos Scout for requirement 10." Page 126 of the new Webelos Handbook. As for the Scout Me
  5. Thank you for the input. As the CM for 107 boys a lot issues come up weekly from the parents. I contacted the parent that had there boy playing football and explained the Guide to Safe Scouting handbook and that we could not substitute the flag football belt loop / pins. I explained that the BSA does not permit contact sports. Tackling in regular football puts it in the category of contact sports. He was upset and agreed to put together a flag football program in the spring, but still feels that the BSA needs to catch up with the 21st century on what boys enjoy doing. I explained that
  6. Being the CM for this pack of 107 boys we don't want this Sports and Academic Pin issue to get out of hand. The pack earns enough money each year to pay for all the awards for the boys. As a result of this issue, our pack committe has decided to table all recognition of all Sports and Academic Pins for this months pack meeting. The Sports and Academic Belt Loops and Pins handbook have steps in which a committe group can be formed. We haven't had to do this before as parents have submitted the forms with dates and presented examples to the den leaders at their den meetings. The cubmaste
  7. We don't play Flag Football in our community but we do play regular football starting in the Third Grade (Bear). Have you allowed your boys to substituted regular football to obtain the Sport and Academic Flag Football Pin. As the cubmaster I don't see this being a major issue. My den leaders do.
  8. I carefully contacted the mother to these two boys today and "congradulate" her two boys for the special accomplishments of completed all the belt loop and pin activities. The mother was appreciative and went on to explain how they did a lot of the work during the summer and started to give me dates. When I explained that her Tiger had just started on Sept 18th and he would not be able to receive the belt loops and pins for activity prior to Sept 18th, thats when she started to change her story saying that she had done 7 of the 9 in the last five weeks. I aske her to bring three activities
  9. We have a family in the Pack that has two boys in Cub Scouts. One is a Tiger and the other is a Webelos 1. The mom submitted Cub Scout Academic and Sports Belt Loop and Pins requests to two different dens leaders who are questioning if she understands the program and she says she does. We don't want to hold back any recognition for a boy but find it difficult for a Tiger to earn as much recognition as she is saying in just six weeks. I don't want to have to challenge her to ask her boys how they completed this work, but she's forcing our hand as its making our pack uncomfortable. Any professi
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