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  1. Woooooo!!! A pocketknife and improperly worn patches? This rivals costume boy!! Foto
  2. We ran our Derby this past Saturday at the local Fire House. It was great! In past years my pack used our beat-up old 4 lane wooden track and ran the derby as a Pack night activity, in the single elimination format. Most of the kids only got to race in one race. It stunk! Most of the leaders were more interested in getting it over with, than with the kids having fun. Half of the kids (and parents) never saw their car run. So last year, with the support of our Cubmaster and bunch or parents, we devised a plan to upgrade the Derby. We did a number Show & Sell popcorn fundraisers,
  3. I bought the ones at COSTCO a few months ago.....they're comfy.
  4. I dont think it about a legit way to put an adult into the same tent. Its about finding a way to make it work, that BSA will support, while recognizing that not all scouts have the opportunity to have a parent come along on camping trips. Its about finding a way for a boy who lost his father on 9/11 to go camping with us. Its about the boy who isnt quite ready to sleep in a tent without an adult and he comes from a single parent home where mom cant leave the other kids behind to go camping. AND its about a very lousy goosey bit of rule writing, 'guardian - legal guardian'.
  5. Hi Guys, Twocub, I havent been to Camp School yet. My schedule for this year doesnt allow it, maybe next year. I would really like to go, Ive heard a lot of very good things about it! We do the placemats for B&G, and we publish a big four page glossy flyer (separate flyers for CS & BS) that gets mailed to all registered leaders and scouts. Continuous Roundtable promos start in February and continue until June. All of our camp and camping programs seem to be rolled into the promos. Parent-Cub, Family Camp, CS/Webelos Resident Camp, our traveling CS Day Camp, and our eight we
  6. Interesting thought. Big tent, more than two adults, a child with every adult. If my kid has to go the bathroom, then only I need to get up and go with him. The only problem I see is in the morning, who gets up when???
  7. fboisseau, Sorry..Agreed !, my fingers were going faster than my eyes. Im still interested in the groups interpretation of grandparents, uncles, and older siblings?
  8. Hello Everybody, Ive been asked to join the CS Camp Committee; possibly as the chair (a surprise is on the way Im told). One of the functions of the committee members is to go out and do Camp Promotions. I am wondering how other people do their Cub Scout Camp Promotions? The Camp Promotions that I have seen have been informational but not very inspiring. Id like to make the promotion more CS friendly. Any and all thoughts would be welcome. Thanks, foto
  9. Thanks guys. Its easy to see why there is a question here. The G2SS says guardian, yet to err on the safe side people have changed guardian to Legal Guardian, two very different phrases, especially to the lawyers among us. How would you guys interpret this if the other adult was a grandparent, uncle or older sibling?
  10. Fboisseau, My understanding is that if the parent delegates responsibility for a child (in writing), to another adult, than, that other adult can sleep in the tent with the child. Your interpretation would create a situation where the child sleeps alone, and with CS & Webelos that is not supposed to happen. Does anyone have a clarification on this?
  11. BSA has people called Voyagers. They work out of the High Adventure Bases as guides or outfitters. These individuals are very highly trained and experienced in running high adventure trips in the BSA model. You may want to contact your nearest high adventure base and get more information about planning a trip with these guys.
  12. Hi, Technically the position of Den Chief is a Boy Scout position. The boys work as a Den Chief and gain credit toward their advancements. This is an integral part of the advancement program within Boy Scouts. To my knowledge Venturing does not have an advancement program, although Venturing does have different award levels. So, if a girl from a crew was to do the same job as a Den Chief, I dont think that she could accurately be called a Den Chief, in part because the Venturing Program does not recognize the position of Den Chief. But, if this girl wanted to do the job, I se
  13. Eamon, Sorry I cant help with your question, but I have one of my own. Ive followed your posting about the Venturing Crew and I still dont get it (Bobs words). How does someone go into a school and say, Im going to sign everyone up with the BSA.. Did the kids go home with a note on school letterhead that said, Dear Parent, Tomorrow your child will be enrolled in The Boys Scouts of America? I cant possibly fathom a situation that would result in 300+ kids voluntarily coming to a meeting to sign up for Venturing from a single High School in this area
  14. Oops!!(This message has been edited by fotoscout)
  15. As someone mentioned, State Farm has a very nice package for this type of event. I believe that Allstate also has a program to do this. Some police departments will also put on this event. If you plan far enough in advance and have a large enough audience, the insurance companies will come in with a trailer and everything you need. Some of them even provide people to run the event. Your costs should be very low. All of the handout literature is available free of charge. You may want to make up completion certificates for the kids. When weve done this it has been at a District or Council event
  16. Well, always the contrarian, I think theres a problem of epic proportions. Public perception, lack of funding, and the CS program. In the cyclical nature of problems they may have each happened before. Today they are happening together, and that's not good!
  17. Its been mentioned the location has something to do with this particular issue. In this area most of the activities you listed extend thru multiple seasons: Wrestling two seasons plus extensive summer camp Football one season plus captains practice all summer and summer camp (big bucks) Basketball two seasons Soccer year rounds and then some Track three seasons Band year round, extensive in the fall and spring, fall commitment for no other activities Speech/Drama speech?? Drama, year round with many local theater groups Unfortunately, the kids that do not make the
  18. My adult life has been spent on Oil Tankers, in Refineries, at Power Plants and in Steam Plants. I venture to say that almost none of you have lived with the daily hazards that I do. Few of you have ever had to endure the endless safety training that Ive had. Fewer of you have been the person of responsibility for tasks that could have life and death consequences. I can tell you from experience that all the regulations, and all the training, and all the oversight, cannot protect the worker, man or boy from choosing his own path to destruction. Supervisory safety oversight cannot be 100%.
  19. I do think that kids were more enamored by sports in the past. They had a single team and a hero that they knew everything about. They had time after school or on Sunday to watch the ball gamethe whole game start to finish. Today, they only know about which athlete is beating his wife, which athlete is on drugs, and which athlete is the highest paid. We as parents know a little more. We know about which high school sports teams are allowing their boys to use broom sticks and pine cones as training accessories. Ok, Im done ranting! Bob, your choice of words brings home the point. Yea
  20. Bob, I also could have written your posting, it is of course accurate, but it doesnt reflect the realities that we see today. We chartered 3 new units in my district last year. All three have folded. In part all three folded because there was an inadequate amount of help provided to these units throughout the year. Its easy to say that the volunteers have a responsibility to support new units, but someone has to have a plan and a commitment before charging off and chartering a new unit. In one case the SM of the new unit had absolutely no idea of the work involved in getting a unit o
  21. I had no intent to anger the professionals, my apologies if any of you felt slighted. Dave I think you know that! For the record McDonalds closed restaurants this year, I think for the first time. Why, because the area was saturated. Dave, what you described seems to border on a pyramid scheme. There simply is not an endless supply of interested kids and adults to sustain new unit growth AND existing unit health. More importantly, in my opinion, there are not enough adults willing to make the commitment necessary to build a quality program in these new units.
  22. Bad news regardless of what the focus is. Scouting in the United States will not survive in its current form if it is not a centrist organization.
  23. Eamonn, I live in a small town with four packs in it. Most of the Cub Scouts attend the same elementary school. I have to wonder why a small town, where most of the kids go to the same school, would have four packs? To me this seems like a recipe for disaster. It seems clear that the limited resource of quality volunteers has been diluted and now the program is suffering. Having asked the question maybe I can answer it. Professionals need to startup new units as a feather in their caps. Very simple formula, start new units, do good work, get promotion and more pay. Very honorab
  24. Where did we go wrong? I think we are going wrong in many different areas. - Too much freedom to develop a program of your own, instead of a simple set of rules that state specifically what you should be doing with your den, pack, or troop. - Not enough thrust to train new leaders before they get into bad habits. - Too much of the wrong PR which has allowed the public to think that BSA is attached to the religious right. - A failure to recognize the overwhelming popularity of youth sports today. - The lack of a national program aimed at building the relationship between Council a
  25. I still like the Eureka Timberlines. They come in all sizes, for the price they are not heavy, repair parts are readily available when needed and you can get vestibules that are removable or permanently attached. The design has be updated with new materials, but really hasnt changed in many years, so virtually all of your older tents can supply parts for your newer ones. I also own a North Face Pebbles, nice little tent but what do I do when one of the poles breaks? I bought it two years ago and it is already out of production, no parts available! Throw it away and buy a new tent? Thats
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