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    Packmaster software

    Can anyone tell me is the Packmaster software is the same as Packmaster ME??
  2. cs4wc

    Blue & Gold

    Thanks for all the info--- As for the question about the dissolved pack and the crossovers---we were told the pack was being dissolved and another pack had been approached about us joining them. We were told we could either start with that pack right away or wait until all the crossovers were done, it was our choice.
  3. cs4wc

    Blue & Gold

    ok now I am even more confused. My original pack was dissolved (to few boys, they said) and we joined another pack. In my original pack they have been having cross overs for the past 3 weeks. Last week the last of the Webelos crossed over to Boy Scouts. So you are saying that during the Blue & GOld they do the cross overs? Also, does the entire Tiger den have to be ready to advance or can only a few that are ready?
  4. cs4wc

    Blue & Gold

    Thanks for the info. I will have to pursue this further. I will get with the Cubmaster and see if maybe we both misunderstood each other. I think it would be great for the boys to be recognized during the B & G. Also, is there a site where I could find out more about the Blue and Gold- what you should and shouldn't do, what you can and can't do---you know?
  5. cs4wc

    Blue & Gold

    I would like for my Tiger Cubs to receive their Tiger Cub Patch during the BLue and Gold. A Cubmaster told me that because the pack was so small they couldn't participate in the Blue and Gold. I thought the whole idea behind the B & G was to celebrate scouting and award the boys that have advanced or earned any patches,loops, etc.and to bring everyone together?
  6. Recently my Tiger Den was dissolved because the only boys that came was my own and my co-leaders son. We were invited to join another pack that had 5 boys in it. Myself and my co leader are to remain as leaders in this new pack. My problem is the new pack seems just as disorganized as the old one. The Cubmasters keep saying they will get us trained but it has yet to happen. It seems like whenever I have questions about funds, advancements, uniforms, etc. I run into a brick wall. I am constantly being told that "I'll get back to you", I am still waiting. I was told when I first signed my son up (September) and volunteered to be a leader I would have all kinds of support. It seems that the old pack and the new pack are one in the same. From what I have seen in the new pack they do not go by the book, the boys run around like wild indians, and no effort is made to even think of doing any kind of projects that would go with the monthly theme or the Tiger Cub achievements. I was told that they didn't even want to try to get the boys to sit down to do anything, they would rather go on outings to keep them occupied. Is this going on with other dens? Does it get better in the Wolf and Bear's? My two boys worked hard for their beads and are almost ready to get their Tiger Cub patch, but now it is like starting all over from the beginning.