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  1. It serves as a constant reminder of the great things that can be done by volunteers when they work together.
  2. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?? Is it support or is it mockery?(This message has been edited by fotoscout)
  3. Marty, I got the hat!! My Scout Shop now has them in stock. It is a blue mesh baseball cap, the front panel is yellow (gold), centered in the front panel is the generic CS logo, a blue diamond with a yellow embroidered wolf in it. Inside the hat is a bar code that appears to be stock number for this item. The bar code number is 03123959. This might be too late for your class, but I thought you might like to know that it really does exisit. (This message has been edited by fotoscout)
  4. I have a Magellan 330M. Great little unit after youve spent too many hours learning how to use it. This model is a few years old now and Im not even sure if they still sell it. I would not recommend this model to you. I would suggest that you make sure that the model you select interfaces with a map program AND that your unit has the ability to display the map. Some of the cheaper units do not have this ability!!!
  5. Seems to me that there will be many witnesses in the den. This boy will be a Tiger, and Tigers require a Parent-Partner. The mom will serve as the boys protector and determine how well the boy is functioning in the program. All you need to do is sit down with the mom and remind her that the group program (den meetings) are for all the boys and can only be tailored just so much to accommodate her son. How the boy accomplishes his individual achievements is a different story. Remember he only needs to do his best! Mom will have a good sense of what his best is. Having this boy start
  6. Hi guys! Here is (are?) my 2 cents. The hypothetical situations threw this thread off base. Each time I went back to see what was happening, the situation changed. YOU CANNOT TALK ABOUT LEADERSHIP STYLES OR APPROACHES, IF YOU CONTINUE TO CHANGE THE SAMPLE TASK!! So, pick a task and stay with it. For example, one of the earlier tasks was to set up the tents before 5:00, the SPL needed to have the PL do the job. What style(s) should the SPL use get this done? It started out just fine, we had arrived at camp and the troop was setting up, then we needed to deal with the PL who was n
  7. People who think that there is something wrong with being on time!!
  8. The first step is Tiger Cubs and he needs to be entering 1st Grade or be 7 years old. Tigers require that the boy have a Parent Partner signed up with him. Since youve already found the forum, I suspect that youll make a fine Den Leader for you sons Tiger Cub Den. My suggestion would be that you sign up with your Pack one year before you son is eligible. Do your training, go to Roundtable, and maybe attend a Tiger Cub meeting and a Pack meeting. This way youll be up to speed when its your Sons turn to have fun.
  9. When the SM says to the SPL,Please start the meeting, the SM has now empowered the SPL to do just that. There is without question, some level of trust implied here. This troop may have a very simple opening, or it may have a VERY elaborate opening, either way the SM trusts that the SPL is prepared, and will conduct the opening as it is intended. There is also something else going on in these two threads. As the threads grow so have the Buzz Words. One of the things that my WB class did very well was to keep the buzz words at a minimum. Most people, me included, cant keep all those buzz wo
  10. Hi Bob, Kris answered as well as I could have. The questions are asked as a means of initialing a dialog. The dialog should move ahead with the purpose of allowing the PL to realize that it is in his best interest to get his patrol setup. Nowhere in the questions did I (the SPL) address the scouts, I only addressed the PL, and I as the SPL did not offer to do the job. The questions were as Kris implied, designed to either lead into a coaching or supporting style.
  11. Some of this is getting lost in oversimplification and nuance. Okay, everybody, go and be good Scouts! This is not Not directing, it is simply not anything. Its a comment out of the blue with no intended purpose relative to the task at hand, and the task at hand happens to be getting the tents up before 5:00. I dont see that the SPL wrestled the leadership role away from the PL. The SPL addressed the PL, not the Scouts directly. The SPL offered a concise reason for the request, and the SPL made the request in a polite tone almost as a reminder. It did not sound bossy to me. Ho
  12. Hi folks, Bob, I have to admit to not having read Mr. Blanchards book, but I am sure that you are accurately reporting what he wrote. As can be seen by the above posts, many people view the directing style differently. Personally I find the line about widgets to be very much in the directing style, its a little understated, but its an instruction given to a group of workers that clearly understand the task. It reflects the foremens personality and to some extent it defines the relationship that the foreman has with his workers. Here is the situation that it might occur in Its
  13. Hi folks, I applaud you guys for trying to communicate something that is so complex, that even the best American business leaders have not been able to get these concepts across since the post war reconstruction of Japan, and even then it was not the Americans who were listening. Back when they tried to teach these concepts as a thing called TQM, almost 20 years ago, the key word was empowerment. Congratulations to Eamonn!! Whether you direct, support, coach, or, delegate, you need to let the person know that you have faith in their ability to do the job, and trust that they will g
  14. Hello Everybody, Our CS camp program has finished for this year and I wanted to let everyone know how we settled the tip issue. Our camp runs a staff party at the end of each season. At the party they give out door prizes. We ended up providing a fist full of Blockbuster gift cards as door prizes. Everyone went home with something, and the adult camp staff was very thankful. Thanks for the help.
  15. Therm-a-rest advertises some of their new pads as non skid. Has anyone tried them?
  16. One has to wonder about some of the current BSA policies with respect to the move to Texas, would things have been different if the national office had remained in the northeast?
  17. Eamonn, This site has some, not much, information about Totems. http://www.leaderlore.com/totems.html My suggestion is to stress the SIMPLE part!!! For those of us who are artistically challenged, totems can be agonizing.
  18. Another comment about DEET and plastic. I was in my small boat last summer on a very buggy lake in Maine. In addition to my bottle of DEET, I brought along my handheld GPS. Overspray from the insect repellent landed on the GPS screen. The screen became very etched and was effectively unusable. After spending many hours with some toothpaste and soft rag I can again use the GPS. So BEWARE, some of these insect repellents will damage your equipment. Im not sure if its the DEET or the carrier (other liquids) but something in these concoctions is pretty nasty.
  19. I had to go back and read this thread twice, and then I didnt believe it, so I read it again. Bob, I dont believe that youd allow a fat old man to chase you from this forum. You would not allow one of your scouts to be intimidated like this and Im surprised that youd allow it to happen to yourself. Would you allow a heated debate about religion to cause you to change religion? I suspect not. Than why would you allow a heated debate about scouting to cause you to drop out from this forum. Bob, this forum is clearly another outlet for you to indulge you passion for scouting. That pa
  20. Hi Rob, Its nice to see a neighbor here! One other note about ticks...they JUMP. You need to be careful about much more than just your ankles. If you hike thru any tall grass or if you prefer the edges of the trail, the ticks will jump up at you and attach to your clothing or arms or even your neck. This is why its so important to do a full body tick check after a day on the trail.
  21. Hi Barry, I'm glad your friend gave it a shot. I've been using this stuff for years, it really works, and, it's cheap and easy to pack. Foto
  22. Marty pretty much summed it up, PLEASE take his advice! The Intrepid Air and Space Museum has a very active Scout Program 212-245-0072. Try to talk to the Scouting Program director and tell him that you are from out of town; maybe theyll be able to do something special for you. And Im glad that nobody forgot about Yankee Stadium!!! NYC can be a great place, there is so much to do, and so many things to see. I hope you have a great time.
  23. All I can say is that you guys are not helping me find an excuse to wear my campaign hat!
  24. Twocub, At our day camp, the campers are assigned into dens. Each den has a Den Chief and that Den Chief stays with the den for the week. I have not seen many (any) parents. Adult supervision is provided by the paid staff (adult) including counselors. So the tip would be directed to the Den Chief. The question that was asked to me evolved around the Den Chiefs not the adults. And as you suggested, it was intended to be a small simple thank you. It just seems decent, but I do understand the general objections posted here, after all it is CS camp, not a priviate camp. Mr. Fat Old Guy, or
  25. Ed, Aquaduct isnt very far from here! If I ever figure out how to read a racing form Ill drop a buck in your name. OGE If theres a horse by the name of Mrs. Robinson Ill drop a few more bucks in my own name. Thanks for your help everybody, I think I have enough ammo to go back to the interested parties and make the argument.
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