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  1. One more thing. If it so happens that my son is given a BOR without a scoutmaster's conference, does that mean he'll be deprived of an ECOH. I'd hate to see that happen.
  2. Thank you for you very helpful post. My son is in contact with the district eagle advisor. I'm trying to stay in the background here. I recommended he try and negotiate with the sm, however, going on an additional 3 campouts puts him into the summer and getting close to his birthday. What then, the sm will be too busy at that point give him a conference. That will be 7 or 8 months after asking for a conference. As much as I'd like to get this done without any conflict, it seems that's not going to happen. It's unfortunate the sm doesn't attend any service projects, he'd see a different side of
  3. Great reply thank you. In fact my son used part of what you said to an e-mail to his district advisor. The district advisor wants to meet with him in full uniform with all his documentation sign-off. Perhaps he's ready to move forward.
  4. Point taken. I would want him to handle this on his own. My suggestion will be to have him negotiate with the scoutmaster to find a middle ground. Also, he needs a commitment from the scoutmaster that he will get his conference when he has met the conditions. I wouldn't be surprised to see the scoutmaster ask for more things for him to do after he's gone on these campouts.
  5. Well my son finally received an e-mail from the scoutmaster. He said he wants my son to do three more overnight campouts to fulfill his "active in the troop" requirement. He also copied all the assistant scoutmasters on this e-mail. Is this reasonable? That would mean my son would have to do weekend campouts in April, May, and June. (there is no campout in March). My son completed all his requirements in October, and he won't have his scoutmaster conference until June. This seems unreasonable. I read on the BSA website that doing a percentage of outings is NOT a requirement for being "active i
  6. Thanks for you comments and advice. I was just looking at the minutes of the last committee meeting: “2014 will put the outing back into Scouting†They will be camping 11 times per year. Need to have Scouts go on the outing to “build men of character†no matter the location of the outing. This came directly from the scoutmaster. My son has come this far and does not have time to go on campouts every month. He has fulfilled his requirements. Holding him hostage to go on more campouts is unfair. I will speak to the scoutmaster tonight, however, I know he's going to wa
  7. By telling him he's "not worthy"? One of our best (active, avid camper, taught the young kids) scouts came to us from another troop at 17 because his SM had told him he'd "never be an Eagle." Guess who was wrong. Thanks. We will read that. My son has been very active in the troop over the past two years. He attends most meetings, attends event and outings, participates in service projects. Helps out with younger scouts. The only thing is he doesn't attend every campout. He does go to a few. The scoutmaster is very big on campouts. He wants every scout to go to campouts. He said in a meetin
  8. Thanks Tim. I will approach the scoutmaster at the next meeting. If I don't get any satisfaction I will go around him to the district. There always seems a rush to push kids to eagle when their 18th birthday is approaching, however, when kids get thing done early, the troop drags their feet.
  9. My son has been in scouts for almost 12 years starting as a tiger cub. He has been in two boy scout troops and is now trying to get eagle. He has completed all the requirements for eagle: 6 months of leadership, 40 merit badges, signed off service project. He is a senior in high school and has 6 months until his 18th birthday. He has been trying for 4 months to get his eagle conference scheduled with his scoutmaster and the scoutmaster keeps delaying things, giving him more things to do each time he asks for a conference. In fact he told my son "you're a good kid, I'm just giving you a hard ti
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