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    • While it may not be obvious, it certainly is on the radar.  Of course, we already have coed in cubbing, many units mixing boys and girls in the various Den levels due to needing leaders and keeping it working, and there have been few issues from what I have seen or read.  Granted, some do have separate girl Dens, but usually mixed then for advancement.   Of course, we also know that Exploring, Ventures, and Sea Scouts are all coed.  So the truth seems obvious to me, and they just are making it more difficult to keep membership in small units.  So, on paper girl and boy troops with the same sponsor, but in reality meeting together for most of the program for leadership and efficiency.  
    • Not sure what likewise means in this context.   However on the subject co-ed Scouts BSA units my response would be that there are not any co-ed options for Scouts BSA units.  Each unit has its own charter and would need to follow the requirements for that charter.      Rolling your own "whatever" and calling it Scouting is a risk I'd not suggest anyone take with youth or their standing with the organization.     The SAFE checklists specifically addresses this:   https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/safe/ Under Supervision:    Knowing and delivering the program of the Boy Scouts of America with integrity. As does the Scouter Code of Conduct.  https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/bsa-scouter-code-of-conduct/ 92 % + of youth in America are not involved in the movement.    Organizing, running sustainable units and growing the movement is one of the five imperatives to move forward.   I'm not aware that going co-ed is on the radar.  
    • I read the article to mean that it was outside that window, but you're right, it doesn't explicitly say so.
    • The article stated the restriction on fundraising was lifted for a short period of time late 23-early 24, but it doesn't say when these kids were doing their fundraiser and whether it fell within that window. I would think this detail would be relevant. 
    • “The program was a big part of my life and the lives of my children. I want to make sure every child has an opportunity to have that same amazing experience.” - Roger Krone IMHO, that would be a good lead for our 2024 Report to the Nation due April 1 to Congress. * I hope Mr. Krone et al. takes our Charter obligation seriously and produces an accurate, thoughtful, and on-time report. * There may be some terminology confusion - Report to the Nation which is for Congress and American people and National Annual Report for National Annual Meeting and hopefully us too? My $0.02,
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