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  • Pack leadership

    What do you do with a Pack CC and Cub Master that are recruiting for another troop?

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    There must be a reason.....

    Before I would bust their chops about it, I would investigate what their issue is with the sister troop.

    Who knows their reason, they might just be valid and a reason for concern


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      There reason is that they want to take over the sister troop and leadership will not allow.
      They already moved there boys to the other troop. The COR wants to replace the CC. Can he do that? Can he replace the Cub Master also? If so does he need a reason other then they don't like the sister troop?


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        Hello annmint,

        I presume the same Chartered Organization has both the pack and the troop and the Pack Committee Chair and Cubmaster are encouraging graduating Cub Scouts to join a different troop?

        I further suppose you are a leader in the troop that is not getting the referrals, is that right? Or are you a parent or leader in the Pack?


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          I am a parent in the pack and cc of the troop. They are encouraging boy scouts to leave. (They had boys in the Troop)and have stated that we will not get any more cubs from the pack.

          How do we get them to leave the pack now? They are waiting to get a new batch of recruits to contaminate and bring with them to the new troop.

          Why can't they remember that it is all about the boys not their egos?


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            It sounds like they are unhappy with the troop leaders or troop program.

            What assistance have you been supplying to the Cub Pack, such as Den Leaders, assisting with Webelos activities, having a troop adult leader at Pack Committee meetings and such?

            If the answer is zero or not much, perhaps they've decided they don't owe you much --- or anything.


            I'd start by finding out what grievances the pack leaders have with the troop.


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              The troop made gold in Journey to Excellence, They have provide den chiefs for each of the dens, Webelos have been invited to all camp outs. The calender is very active with volunteer opportunities, every eagle required merit made is scheduled throughout the year. I am telling you its all about them wanting to run the troop. Every grievance we have herd (through the grapevine)is unfounded. We have requested to meet with them to discuss and they will not respond. How do we get them to leave the pack before the infect more people?


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                Ann the journey to excellence nonsense means absolutely nothing when evaluating a Troop or Pack. So they know how to fill out the paper??? They might have kept some stats, they might have actually told the truth on the paper.

                The only thing it is used for is Professionals Bonuses, it is on component that contributes to how much it is.

                Qwarses Crew will never make Gold because the youth leaders won't get trained.....But they have a pretty good program from what I read.

                Far as fixing the problem....The COR, Charter Organization Representative can fire them for any or no reason.

                ann.....The troop doe not sound like a quality troop to me if they are scheduling merit badges for their eagle scouts. Sounds like an Eagle Mill which is not a good thing.

                Your in cub scouting, Merit badges are similar to belt loops, They allow the scout to sample subjects that interest them. When run to maximum benefit for the scout the Scout Master, SM, will give the scout a couple of names of merit badge councilors for the Scout to call and arrange a meeting or two.

                Benefit from doing this.....Association with adults they don't know, phone etiquette, time management, responsibility for making the meetings, presenting a quality product to be evaluated.

                So while on the surface holding all the required Eagle merit badges during troop meetings looks great, Many folks believe that it short cuts or cheapens the journey to Eagle.

                I have seen a troop where attendance to the merit badge class is completion.

                So what did the scout learn, nothing because he was thinking about playing Black Ops, Halo or his girlfriend.

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                  COR may replace the CC or any adult leader, but that won't solve your current problem. As concerned parents, the CC and CM may still promote their agenda -- no patch required.

                  Are the boys setting the schedule for the troop, or are you adults doing that? (I mean, it's awesome if the PLC decided that they want to cover a different Eagle required MB every two weeks, but it's rare that boys will do that. It doesn't leave much room for shooting, fishing, or wilderness survival!)

                  Whatever, you have parents who want a different program than what your troop offers. Giving them a chance to go your separate ways could be healthy for the both of you. The question is when to do that? Do the two units wait until a bunch of boys cross over, then deal with divisive parents who are "shaking things up", or do you let Webelos parents know there is a debate about how the adults are working the program and let the different parties make their case?

                  As troop CC you will probably have to call each prospective parent in the Weblos II den and discuss the possibility of their son joining your troop. Listen to their opinions. It might give you an idea of who would like to be in your unit, and who you'd be butting heads with anyway. Hopefully in the long run, the boys who would get the most out of your troops program will be the ones who cross over.

                  Oh, and make sure you have a good understanding of what the SM thinks.


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                    The eagle badges are not scheduled during the regular meeting, and are optional for attendance. It makes it easier for the boys to budget their time as was as the the volunteer willing to work on that badge with the boys. The boys from the troop set the schedules and decided on what trips they want. They have scheduled at least one trip each month and their weekly meetings they work on preparing for the trips as well as skills. It is not an eagle mill, we are making sure the boys actually understand these badges vs. just filling in paperwork. Giving them the tools not the badge. I can see the benefit for each boy to have to call and make meetings with the councilor, but it was becoming a problem for the councilors to have to make themselves available at so many different times throughout the year.

                    I think it is time to part ways, regroup and move-on. It is hard to work with people that rather cast stone, and run, then stop talk and work on making things better.


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                      >>"The COR wants to replace the CC. Can he do that? Can he replace the Cub Master also? If so does he need a reason other then they don't like the sister troop?">"They are encouraging boy scouts to leave. (They had boys in the Troop)"


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                        The CM wants to replace our Troops Den Chief with those from the New Troop


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                          Hello annmint,


                          You need to describe the motivations of these leaders in more detail, and describe the nature of the troop they are promoting.

                          What are the differences between your troop and the troop these leaders are promoting?


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                            The new troop is much smaller if they bring some boys with them they can easily take it over and become leaders there. They complain that our troop makes the boys demonstrate that they know the skills before we sign off on them (not just teach and sign). They think we require the boys to do to much (boy led) That means the boy make mistakes sometimes. Meetings are not always as smooth as they should be. Can't convince them that is how the boys learn and grow. We want the boy's to take responsibility for the troop. They want the adults to do more.


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                              Sounds like they're stuck in "Cub Scout Mode".