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How much personal equipment am I going to need?

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  • How much personal equipment am I going to need?

    My title pretty much says it all.
    How much personal camping equipment and uniform am I going to need for woodbadge. I'm signed up for the course and expected an equipment list sent to me soon after paying in full. But, I haven't seen one yet.

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    Contact the Scoutmaster of the course and ask for the equipment list. You should recieve one in time to pack.

    If you course is given over two separate weekends, you will need far less equipment for the first weekend, since you won't be cooking any meals. Be prepared to sleep in a tent outdoors.

    I would pack an extra uniform. You will wear the one that matches the position that you are taking the course for. For example, if you signed up for the course as a Scoutmaster, you will wear an adult troop uniform with the "scoutmaster" position patch.


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      What happened to the "stripped" uniforms?


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        Nope. Come costumed as your usual "Scout Position"

        And don't forget your silly hat. And duct tape. And extra rope. Never can tell. And pillow. Maybe a camp stool. Rain Gear. Rained two whole days on my course. Camp coffee cup/mug on carabiner to clip to your belt (LNT: less throw away cups).
        And attitude.
        "Prepare to be amazed..." or bored. Depends on your staff and YOUR attitude.
        Have fun, despite everything to the contrary.


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          "What happened to the "stripped" uniforms?"

          That ended with the 21st Century Wood Badge.

          Even the staff don't do stripped uniforms.

          There were many who didn't like the stripped uniforms. One person I encountered on-line thought it was an 'insult' to his unit to have to wear a stripped uniform for Wood Badge or a Jamboree contingent uniform (ie with Jambo troop number instead of home) to Jamboree.


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            What is a "stripped" uniform.


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              "What is a "stripped" uniform."

              In Wood Badge for decades, participants (and staff) had to wear a stripped uniform. This consisted of the uniform with ONLY:

              US flag.
              World Crest.
              Epaulet loops (when they were created)
              Number 1 (for gilwell troop 1)
              Your WB Patrol medallion

              Staff would wear their troop staff position patch.

              NO OTHER PATCHES were worn. No flaps. No knots. No temporary insignia.

              The idea was to put everyone on a level field. Since the participants filled the role of new scouts, they shouldn't have a lot of stuff.


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                " What is a "stripped" uniform? "

                Well, it appears that I wasn't the only one who read "stipped uniform" as striped uniform

                I had visions of Wood Badge participants wearing old time black and white prisoner clothing!


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                  No, I think that's what I put on when I get out of the truck without my cell phone.


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                    WHO gave away the secret about the prison uniforms?
                    Stripped uniforms are still in vogue at some courses. I'd guess that it is up to the Course Director.
                    "It is reccomended that Wood Badge staff members not wear more than nine square knots on their uniform." Wood Badge for the 21st Century 2012 administrative guide, p 26. Doesn't say anything about the District Award of Merit, though. 9 + DAM, or 8 square knots + DAM? The thing that most people forgot at my course was warm clothing. It was rainy, windy and temps around upper forties lower fifties a lot of the time. I HAD warm clothing, and I was cold some of the time. Ah, the memories. Ear plugs to mute the snoring. They teased me about it, but I had a box of them and I gave them ALL away the second night. (Except mine.)