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And Popcorn starts

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  • And Popcorn starts

    Our popcorn season started today. Everyone gets all stressed and competitive about it. It amazes me see how people spend the money from popcorn. I don't get why some focus on buying the boys toys and other crap as incentives. I guess I see having the money the boys earn go towards scouting adventures like overnighters and camps.

    What do you spend your money on?

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    Our Cub scout troop did hand out toy and such. I routinelytold my son do you part but dont do it just so you can get a nerf rifle.
    As we where crossing over I told the PL that I think the incentive should be functional Items that would be useful as boy scouts. Compasses, fire starters and the like. I hope she took my advice.


    • King Ding Dong
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      PL=she ????

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      Pack Leader, methinks....Took me a minute..
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      Yep Pack Leader

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    In our Council we have the choice of either using the incentive prizes the company provides or an additional 3% commission. One year, when I was Cubmaster, we took the 3% and tried to do our own prizes thinking we could increase the quality a bit. It didn't work out, it's hard to buy those kind of things for anything like that cheap unless you're buying in huge bulk quantities. The Cubs actually like getting the flashlights and knives that constitute the first few levels of sales and are what most boys end up with, so we went back to prizes. In the Troop we don't push popcorn, but we allow the scouts to sell if they wish, and they get the full commission put into their individual scout account, none of them are interested in the prizes.


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      The basic prizes this year in our council are all from the scout shop, so they all do have some relationship to scouting and most are outdoor-oriented. The Trails End rep at training said that they have left the prize business entirely as it wasn't a strength for them so National is in charge of prize fulfillment, something like that. The special prizes are all experiences, tickets to sports games and things like that, which I also like over more trinkets. The hokiest prize is a plastic crossbow as a bonus prize.


      • Sakitama
        Sakitama commented
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        Actually, if the prize was a gift certificate to the Scout Shop or; I think that would be excellent as there is a wide variety of things for almost every scouter. What Boy Scout couldn't use at least Merit Badge book and I know Cub Scouts need new things every year for uniform, handbook, etc.

      • ScoutNut
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        BSA National has nothing at all to do with popcorn sales. Those are ENTIRELY council organized, and run. Some councils do not sell popcorn at all.

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      Girl Scout cookies. yum.


      • dedkad
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        I know! Girl Scout cookies sell themselves. I think asking people to buy a $20 bag of popcorn is kind of embarrassing.

      • Bookemdano
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        If you like em so much I still have 30 CASES left

      • King Ding Dong
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        I would take you up on your offer but I have to work on my BMI limits.

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      We debated commission (extra 7% for us) or prizes, and went with prizes. We don't do much with ISA for our cubs, it ends up being hokey, we mostly use it to fund the "big tickets" we can't fund otherwise, usually camping gear. Going to push the "acceptable" prizes to be the outdoors/scout stuff. Things like the Compass clip on, the Compass/Whistle/Flashlight, the Pocket Knives, are all great Scout Level gear. You have to hit the $1000 level for the prizes to all turn absurd in our Council.

      I expect the kids to sell at least one thing to get the patch, hopefully a few more to get something to bring on hikes/campouts. I'm excited for the program, hoping to get a Scout Trailer for our Pack if we hit our sales goal, which we'll hit if the 4 families that rocked camp cards push popcorn a bit, and everyone else sells $10-$50 worth.

      Having the prizes lets us recognize the boys that are working hard, trying to do it ourselves to control it a bit seems like a lot of extra work for no reason.


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        Our council switched to Walmart or Amazon gift cards last year though there were a couple prizes that could be earned at higher levels in addition to the GC. I much prefer that to the old way (though you could also get cards back then, too) though I suspect some Scouts/parents may prefer those prizes.

        My son has always been one of the top sellers in the unit ($1,500+ avg sales) so he's able to fund his entire year of Scouting including uniform pieces with the earnings.


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          Our Pack spends the money we make on popcorn to fund our Pack program for the year. We do not charge any Pack dues at all.

          We include the council incentives in our popcorn sale. The boys love them, so why not? We also give the top 10 sellers the opportunity to toss a "cream pie" (foam plate filled with whipped topping) at the leader of their choice. This is a highly anticipated part of our December Pack meeting!
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            My Council Announced that Prizes for our Council will be Entire through Scout Shop...Full Details not available yet.
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              Competition is so outta whack that businesses have Stopped taking requests from Certain Troops, It had reached a point where Certain Troops had reserved all weekend slots a year in advance and reserved all of September and October Available days. Locally Walmart only allows 1 Group and Only Allows Fund Raisers on Saturday and Sundays. Lowes Only Allows 1 Group at Entrances only No Exits


              • skeptic
                skeptic commented
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                That is why we have pre sell scheduling at the favorite locations. No troop can set up their own at any of those sites on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday during the selling period. The management there is assured there should be no issues, and if there are, they have a contact to call. Since we started this, there have very few conflicts, other than one year having to deal with some church group who just came on the site at Lowes. Store front is hit and miss anyway, depending on what is happening in the area, and the weather. Cubs always do better, because they have the "cute" factor, as well as more overall enthusiasm. Older boys are not that into it; they just do it because they are asked most of the time, and some opt out anyway. We are considering doing only personal sales this year.

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              We do the prize list put out by council (we would only get 3% back if we opt-ed out and you can't get a BSA knife for $3.75, which is at the $125 prize level).

              We also do pack incentives too since the kids actually make more money at show and sells due to donations that are not counted towards council prizes, so we try to reward the kids for that as well by offering pack prizes that take into account everything they sell + donations they receive.