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  • Would you sell these?

    Out of curiousity, if Trail's end made a small, roughly two dollar, hundred calorie bag of popcorn that you could buy in sets of 10 or 15 for show and sell, would you order those in place of the big bags?

    Comments or opinions?

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    Well I know all the popcorn is way over priced, but $20 for 10 mini bags which are about a cups worth after popping..

    I don't think so..


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      We sell Campmasters thru our Council.

      We sell a 20 pack 94% fat free box for $20. They are quite tasty and it is one of our more popular sellers.

      It helps the public make a decision to buy overpriced popcorn when the scouts let them know 70% of the product sales goes back into the Council and unit's program.....especially when you are standing outside of Walmart and you know that popcorn is a whole lot cheaper inside the store.


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        20 pack for $20, is 1 dollar per bag. It is also a full sized bag..

        To pay twice that price (2 dollars per bag), when each bag is about 1/3 the size of the full size, means your paying about 6 times the cost of the 94% ff box. Since the 94% ff box is about 2 to 3 times higher then normal, think about how much this mini bag Trails End product is overpriced.


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          To clear up confusion, I was thinking more of pre-popped corn in the bags, not kernals. The idea being to have a smaller, less costly, immediate, ready to eat option available.


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            I understand the thought behind the pricing strategy.

            Girl scouts make their money because everyone loves their product and will by 10 boxes....

            Popcorn in horrible......The BSA must make it's money with one box.

            So prepopped diet popcorn????? is it a buck a bag???? if it is more than that it is too much.

            The price point is $5 and $10


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              I wouldn't buy pre-popped popcorn. When I buy the scout popcorn.......I like the option of going into my pantry, grabbing a packet and making it when I want it. And it's steaming hot.

              The pre-popped stuff doesn't seem as fresh, but that's my opinion.

              I agree. You would need to keep it around $1 each.

              (It looks like the 94% fat free is approx. 5 cups = 100 calories which is more popcorn and fewer calories and happier dieters.)


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                As others have stated, Trail's End has plenty of higher end products. At 10-15 bags at $2 per bag, that would put your proposed product in the $20-$30 range. Definitely a higher end, NOT less costly, product.

                Would the product sell?

                There might be a market for it. Single serving 100 calorie bags are rather popular lately. I think it would depend on how big the 100 calorie bags were, and how good it tasted.

                As someone else noted the light microwave 18 pack is rather popular. Perhaps if Trail's End did mini micro packs of their light (a bit less than half the full size which is 230 calories popped), in an 18 pack at around half the cost of the full size, they might sell.

                Of course this is all speculation as Trail's End does not have anything like these products currently available.


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                  If I read the OP and follow up correctly, I think the question was, with all the complaining that has been done about Trail's End being too high a price point, if they had a single serve bag of say triple chocolate, for $2 would you buy and sell it?
                  My response to that would be an enthusiastic "Heck Yeah!!!"
                  sell it alongside the larger bags, they buy the little one on the way in, eat it in the store shopping and buy the larger one on the way out if they like it. Sort of getting them to pay for samples.


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                    if you're going to sell pre-popped popcorn, then sell it fresh by setting up a commercial sized popper at your table/booth. Make the usual condiments available (cheese, butter). Add iced soda pop and you're good to go. Offer regular, large & family bucket
                    and put out the donations jar


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                      I would not, could not, in 100 calorie bags
                      Not for the Popcorn Kernel's nags
                      Not Show and Sell. Not door to door.
                      Not on a dealership's showroom floor.
                      I will not sell to folks at work.
                      I don't care; call me a jerk.
                      I will not ask scouts to sell.
                      Without it we can do quite well.
                      Not in a house. Not in a box.
                      Not with a mouse. Not with a fox.
                      I will not sell it here or there.
                      I will not sell it anywhere!


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                        Ah, those were the good old days (well, old, anyway).
                        WAAAAY back in Cub Scout days, our county/district held a Scout-o-Rama at the COunty Fair grounds every year. It was open to, and the public was invited. (hasn't happened in a looooong time). Every unit did something. BScout Troops did rope bridges, camp cooking, that kind of stuff. Think recruitment, I guess. Our Cub Pack sold POPCORN!
                        I remember my dad found a contact and went to a place that supplied movie houses with already popped popcorn. We got it in HUGE bags, almost as big as ME (then!). Pop and I went to the place and stuffed the car with the big, warm, good smelling plastic bags. Then, our Pack repackaged it in small special sacks and sold those for, oh , I guess 10 cents. I remember we sold out earlier than expected.


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                          This is our first year with campmasters and they have a $10 caramel popcorn TIN. At least it should look a bit more valuable than a box of microwave popcorn, and $10 is a good price point that won't scare off too many people.

                          I was thinking of splitting up the boxes of 20 for $20 to sell for $1 each. Trying to sell one bag of microwave popcorn for $2 would be a bit too much imo. But if the popcorn was chocolate or caramel, that would be a great price point.


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                            I remember a PBS show about math that made the point that you could sell 100 pencils for 25cents each. or sell one pencil for 25dollars. The income would be the same, but the profit margin was better with the 25dollar pencil.
                            The difference was the perceived need by the purchaser versus mechandising and salesmanship.

                            Is there a parallel here?


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                              "The idea being to have a smaller, less costly, immediate, ready to eat option available."

                              Sell something else. If you're trying to pop Trails End and then cutting it sell it to the public; First, I'm not sure BSA ot Trails end would approve, second, as soon as you open that bag of popped popcorn, you need a health dept. permit.

                              The only way to lower the cost of the poor quality Trails End stuff is for Nation and Council to lower their cut and we all know that will never happen. We all also know a lower close item in the $3 - $5 range would be a great seller. All of us except National.