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  1. To clear up confusion, I was thinking more of pre-popped corn in the bags, not kernals. The idea being to have a smaller, less costly, immediate, ready to eat option available.
  2. Out of curiousity, if Trail's end made a small, roughly two dollar, hundred calorie bag of popcorn that you could buy in sets of 10 or 15 for show and sell, would you order those in place of the big bags? Comments or opinions?
  3. Thank you for the above reply and advice!I appreciate your taking time to write as much as you did.
  4. Thank you everyone, this has been VERY helpful! So to sum up, a good DE is: 1. There to listen and help as he or she can without overpromising or underdelivering. He or she also knows what they can and cannot do and relays this to the volunteers. 2. Someone who will communicate with District level volunteers and unit volunteers about the status of relevant items (membership, FOS, charters). 3. Able to find balance between what is right at the district level and what is expected at the council level. This seems like a tough item. 4. Understanding that volunteers run th
  5. Also, as a new(er) DE myself, knowing the turnover rate and details of the job I was curious about what the "good ones" do to serve or build their districts. Volunteers here have had 5 new DEs in the past 4 years and I want to provide them with the best experience I can. Here are some items i have read on these forums that people have commented about with regard to their DEs. What would you suggest a DE do regarding these items as a volunteer? 1. Visiting unit meetings - some have said they like to see DEs there, others have said they show up invited and unwelcome...any thoughts?
  6. Good question on point of view.. My initial inquiry was asking from the viewpoint of the volunteers, but other perspectives are more than welcome!
  7. If anyone would like to offer an opinion, I was curious what traits and characteristics people feel are found in a good District Executive?
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