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Council issued popcorn survey

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    Why can't we sell decorative tins?

    That would bring the price closer to $5 per unit.

    The line could be "Scout spirit enclosed, just add your favorite holiday treat!!"


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      I agree with the comments about the perceived value of the product. My son was one of the top three in sales in the pack this past popcorn season, and I acted as the unit Kernel.

      The people who bought from us definitely felt like they were making a donation rather than buying a product.

      I have been looking into other fundraisers that might provide more value for money, and in turn might provide better profits. The Interstate Battery fundraiser that gets advertised in Scouting magazine looks like a real contender. for a replacement of popcorn this fall.


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        First time I saw the battery funrasier ads, I thought: "This has to be the dumbest idea ever!"

        But when I look around at all the electronic stiff everywhere...It's actually a great idea. I betr my son has at least 16 different things in his room that require "AA" batteries alone. Then a few with "C" and maybe 2 that need "D"/ Almost every remote in the house used "AA" except the dvd player remore wich uses "AAA".


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          We need something around the 5 dollar range. I see many people willing to buy with their hand going to their pocket/purse. Then they ask,"how much," "$10-20 dollars" the hand slowly drops.

          Yep. We had quite a few people at store site sales this year hear the prices, and then ask if they could just donate $5 instead of buying something. The price is just too high.


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            Why our Troop doesn't sell PC:

            1) Don't want to compete with Cub Pack (council champs!)
            2) PC not perceived as Boy Scouty. PC is Cub Scouty.
            3) Long time tradition of Christmas/holiday tree and wreath sales (use to do fresh, hot, donuts door to door on a saturday morn)
            4) FoS promotion perceived as appropriate fund raise, as ALL goes to Council, to support camps, etc..
            5) PC product perceived as waaay over priced for what you receive. Better PC for less at Safeway, donate cash to Scouts directly (seems to happen alot at the sidewalk sales). Definitely perceived as a donation, as reported by CS Pack.
            6) Even working with the Salesmanship MB, the boys still prefer the wreath sales. Prices are comparable to local store sales, but product seems better and prettier.
            7) Scoutship does big spaghetti dinner once a year. Folks in the community look for it in October each year. No need for PC. More fun, too.