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Councils and Districts with Their Own Uniform Rules

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    We just compare Biceps. No unzipping required.

    Yours In Cheerful Service


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      It is what it is. If beads could buy Manhatten and get people to attend RT, I'm all for it. You have to adjust to your audience. If this generation is for the bling, then you have to adjust to get them to come. Of course the big problem after that is providing a good RT that will keep them coming because no one is going to waste an hour or two for a bead.


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        I have no doubt that adults would do quite a bit for another patch, knot, award etc. However I firmly believe that the primary draw to get adults to attend or a scout to attend should be the strength and desire of the program. While its certainly acceptable according to BSA to award patches for every single event or meeting these mostly attendance based badges devalue at least in some peoples eyes truly difficult accomplishments.

        Having uniforms cluttered up with jambo patches, temp patches, sometimes a dozen or more arch shaped segments around the temp patch, recruiter patches, oa patches, rows and rows of knots, ranks, positions, medals, cords, shoulder loops etc ---- well that's really just showing off and not how the uniform was originally intended to look.


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          - well that's really just showing off and not how the uniform was originally intended to look.

          And How Was that...As Far Back I can Remember Uniforms were designed to have Bling...We are Modeled after the Military except we did not have a Class A Uniform and a Class B uniform..We always wore patches and Such, We even have Medals. It has always been tradition "You Earned it, It is to Be Worn, Otherwise Your outta Uniform"

          Scouts were always expected to Wear Class A the Official Scout Uniform at all times..Only Until Recent Years did we Start officially allow wearing of Class B Uniforms during Outings such as Hikes and Camp outs and Over Nighters


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            I have no problem with a bead lanyard hanging from a pocket or in necklace form, or a properly placed temporary patch. What I do have a problem with is non-regulation shoulder loops, adults wearing cords, every pin known to man stuck somewhere on a uniform shirt, etc. ad nauseum.
            To disagree with a previous comment, not everything earned or given is to be worn on the uniform. I've actually had scouts in the past who held the same that putting all the extra stuff made the uniform look trashy and unkempt. I wear all of my square knots and 3 mini devices, but I will not be seen with 2-3 dangling temporary patches, camporee pins on a pocket flap, non-standard shoulder loops, and other things that are not authorized for wear on the uniform as per the Insignia Control Guide. Maybe it's the military training in me, but a neat, tidy uniform looks best.


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              If a unit or council wants to vary a little something to make themselves unique, I don't see the harm. It's silly to bicker about it. This is Scouts, not the US Military. Uniforming is A method, not THE method.


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                I have three uniform shirts.

                1) UC - Silver loops, council patch and UC patch. That's it.
                2) Camp shirt - If it isn't going to fall off or I'm not worried about getting it wrecked, it may be on there. I think the temp patch on it is dated 1993.
                3) Bells and Whistles shirt - Everything on it and up-to-date. Wear it for ECOH's only.

                The biggest pain to have is the Bells/Whistles shirt. - too much work to really keep up. Laundry is a nightmare - take off all the service pins/medals/nametags/knot devices, etc. and then put them all back on. It's really not worth it to impress others when you can't even impress oneself.

                Did I upgrade to the new centennial uniform for the Bells/Whistles shirt? In your dreams!

                I generally wear my WB beads because they are pre-21 Century, but then only I know that....



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                  howarthe: I am in Pioneer District!

                  Many Councils have a segment program, so CPCBSA is not the only one.
                  The beads at Roundtable, from what I have seen is a Cubscout breakout item that allows people to count that you were there. We have since switched to signing the book as you enter.

                  Also, CPCBSA has a District Patch that is worn in the temporary position. Not every Council has that. I like that since that helps me know where people are from.