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Can adult wear recruiter patch ??

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    isn't it a first class requirement?????


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      First Class req. 10:

      "Tell someone who is eligible to join Boy Scouts, or an inactive Boy Scout, about your troop's activities. Invite him to a troop outing, activity, service project or meeting. Tell him how to join, or encourage the inactive Boy Scout to become active."

      So it is tell, invite, and tell or encourage. The recruitment need not be successful, whereas the recruiter strip is generally awarded for a successful recruitment. (If at all; we have not been giving it out in our troop, and we should; there are several Scouts now who have successfully brought friends into the troop.)

      As for adults wearing the recruiter strip, to me recruiting is part of our "jobs" and not something we need to get a patch for. However, it wouldn't really bother me if another adult chose to wear one.(This message has been edited by njcubscouter)


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        As a district membership chair, I wear the recruiter strip.

        My main reasons for doing so is to encourage Scouts to earn it too. "Adult Association" is often providing an example in a way that boys will emulate. If Scouts see a cool patch they can earn and an adult who is wearing it, they are a lot more likely to choose to earn it themselves.

        The other reason is that when I'm talking to boys and adults about it, I can find it to point it out when there is a reason to do so!

        I can't really think of other adult leaders who wear the Recruiter strip, but I wish more would earn the strip by organizing recruiting for their units, and then encourage the Scouts in their units to earn the strip themselves.

        If this is really a youth award, that designation should be changed in my opinion. I'd like to see the "Recruiter" strip on as many uniforms as I see the "Trained" strip.

        In my view, everyone should take a hand in recruiting and learn the methods and skills of recruiting.


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          Well SP

          I bet you and BSA24 are the only two adult scouters who do wear the recruiter strip.

          Say to yourself over and over again "Its all about the youth."


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            I have one as well ( but don't wear it due to O.A. bling.Be kinda busy) My wife also wears one as well as my son. We signed up 12 boys and 2 Adult volunteers together last year. Our council awards them to Adults and Boys alike. They were displayed proudly at 3 school meet and greets on the 30th and 31st. Signed up 16 more cubs! I'm proud to say I'm a BSA Recruiter. Don't just talk about it, be about it. If wearing a patch gets one boy in scouting, do it (if your council/pack says it's ok.)

            Yours in Cheerful Service,

            "before you point out the splinter in your neighbors eye, remove the plank from your own"


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              As a minister I really hate people who use scripture out of context and incorrectly to validify something they do in the BSA that the regs clearly state is improper, like wearing a youth patch on an adult uniform. Scripture is not something to trifle with, like using the sacred to justify an inane secular act. God keeps count you know.


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                Thank you B.P.,

                However the scripture was not aimed at this particular subject, just daily life in general. That is why I wrote it below my signature. Also I don't believe you can ever take that out of context. It means what it says. Unfortunately we get so preoccupied with pointing out faults in others we forget to recognize our own, me included.
                I was motivated in your vocation. Pulled a Jonah

                Your in Cheerful Service,

                "Like people for their qualities, Love them for their faults."


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                  I only condoned wearing the strip if it was authorized and awarded by the Council. Such as mine does.

                  Yours in Cheerful Service,


                  "why do we drive on a parkway but park in a driveway?"


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                    Come on guys; why don't you wear a Den Chief cord while you are at!


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                      If adults can earn the Emergency Preparedness pin why not a Recruiter patch?
                      Maybe adults could go through training and receive a temp patch that could be worn on pocket or from button during recruiting drives. We wore Recruiter patches in the Army. Marks you as a go to guy for info. during your tour.

                      Yours in Cheerful Service,


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                        Perhaps there should be a separate set of requirements for adults to earn the "Recruiter" Strip.

                        As a district membership chair it would be nice to recognize Scouters who organize their own recruiting events which result in new boys signing up for example.

                        Perhaps Council Membership Chairs ought to consider enacting their own program like that to use and encourage use of nthe Recruiter strips by both youth and adults.(This message has been edited by seattlepioneer)


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                          Still tilting at windmills I see.
                          Look a district/council can develop any recognition for adults they would like, but that does not mean they should use a youth award or a facsmilie of one. Most adult scouters are just fine with doing a good job or going above and beyond and someone saying thank you to them or be given a certificate or plaque to recognize their efforts. What is your obsession with receiving a youth award to wear on your uniform, a patch developed solely for youth members who bring someone into scouting??


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                            One of our Den leaders still wears his shirt from when he was a scout. Rank, awards, red loops and all. A little snug though.

                            Yours in Cheerful Service



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                              I already explained that on this thread I believe:

                              1. I use the recruiter strip I wear as a device to encourage and inspire Scouts to take an interest in recruiting their friends and buddies as Cub Scouts. A motivated Cub Scout can do FAR better than I at recruiting. Scouts who see adults wearing awards are often motivated to earn the same award for themselves.

                              Also, as a District Membership Chair, it's a lot easier for me to find a recruiter strip to show boys when it's already sewed on my uniform! Otherwise the pesky blighters can be hard to find when you need to display one.