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    I wrote our own TLT/JLT syllabus several years ago. The new, national syllabus is comfortingly similar to ours to the point we gave then new syllabus a try. I thought it went well.

    I'm sure we will modify it for next year. We always do, even when it was our own. In part, to keep it fresh and keep the boys returning year-to-year but also in response to issues which arise in the tro
    A recent modification was the communications module. The old sender>receiver>acknowledgment thing is a yawner. We our version focused more on medium (phone, email, text, smoke) and message. This is concrete stuff the kids can use. Kids all seem to believe texting is the answer to everything. Through skits we demonstrate different examples of where different media is appropriate. Then we give the boys a written message which is purposely long and complicated. We ask them to convert it into a phone message, email and text. We give them a list of phone numbers (the numbers of the course leaders) and have them call. One call gets answered by the "Scout's" mother who goes on-and-on with detailed questions. Another call gets answered by a answering machine. Another is answered by a four-year-old sister and another by a hard-of-hearing grandfather. It makes the point and is a lot of fun.

    Another modification was to add cooking. At one point we felt the troop meal planning was very weak and needed a boost. Instead of ending the training with a cookout, the Scouts did all the cooking. One of the morning sessions was to go through a stack of camp cookbooks and find a dish the had never made before and wanted to try. We told the boys to really stretch -- McDonald's is a half-mile in one direction and the grocery store even closer in the other (we run this at our Scout House). It's a fail-proof environment, so try something challenging. Interestingly, we got a lot of Italian (chicken pharm, lasagne, home-mades spag sauce), Mexican and Asian. But one kid said he had never grilled a steak and wanted to learn how. Another wanted to spit-roast a chicken. One kid wanted to make gaspacho! At lunch we send an ASM to the grocery store with a list and all the boys start cooking about 4:30. Dinner ends up being a pot luck of everything. Some of it is really bad, but some is quite good -- the gaspacho was fabulous! In the end, the guys get to try some dishes and techniques the would have tried before. It's always fun when you see these items trickle down to patrol menus.


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      Seems like our troops ran a similar path. we rewrote the old TLT and amazingly it come out a lot like the new curriculum. Though in my opinion it looks like they took a lot of the practical games and exercises from the old JLT video course and added them in to the theory heavy TLT. I do like the new course though and we too have added an entire session just on meal planning and cooking. I like your idea of a cook off. Alos, have you documented your communication module. It looks interesting and if you could forward me a copy I would really appreciate it.
      Ken/Spiney Norman

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    >>There are better ways for the PL to solve the problem and ways to teach that is what I'm looking for.


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      st principle: a scout follows the pack, he rarely leads it. I encourage our scouts to think and work as a team, especially with behavior. We had a scout cut his foot pretty bad while running through came one year. This happened right in front of the SPL and 20 other scouts. The SPL admitted he knew the rules and should have told the scout to put shoes and not run in camp. Great SPL, but I realize then that his bad decision was only 1/20thnd


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        Barry, thanks for the ideas. I agree with most of what you said. I like the time and "everyone is accountable". I've done it some but it could be more.

        A lot of what you're talking about is problem solving. ILST mentions communication, planning, and EDGE, but not problem solving. The PL and SPL handbook talk about conflict resolution and problem solving, why not ILST?


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          >>A lot of what you're talking about is problem solving. ILST mentions communication, planning, and EDGE, but not problem solving. The PL and SPL handbook talk about conflict resolution and problem solving, why not ILST? <<

          I don't know, we didn't have ILST when I was SM, we had something much more basic. We learned most of our wisdom through the humility of doing it wrong. I'm trying to save you from that kind of growth because scouting is hard enough.



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            Too late, I've already made plenty of mistakes. But I know exactly what you're talking about. Troop culture is very hard to change.


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              Test, Test, pass or fail, test tes...