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Bad Idea: Troop advertises on Craigslist for new ASM

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  • Bad Idea: Troop advertises on Craigslist for new ASM

    I predict that this recruiting method will bring ...unsatisfactory... results.

    "No requirements other than a willingness to help a great organization We have need for Committee members who wish to help in the Troop administration, Fundraising, Rank advancement, or community involvement. Both Men and Women are welcome. Our Committee meetings are held at the Elks on the first Wednesday of every month at 7PM . We also need more help in the Assistant Scoutmaster positions - merit badge counselling, camping, and mentorship. You did not have to be an Eagle Scout yourself, all training is available including the mandatory Youth Protection training. Committee approval needed and Letters of reference are appreciated."

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    I'll give him an "A" for originality.


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      sounds like a troop in desperate need.
      Shame on the parents of those scouts in that troop.. I know not everyone has a yen for the great outdoors. But, to have so little interest in their sons life or youth program(s) that they can't even help to form the committee with a requirement of a once a month meeting..
      They rather the program be organized by unknown outsiders, then give up one hour a month of their time.

      This is the complete opposite of "Stranger Danger" where the troop will not allow anyone from the outside community in, even if they show a scouting background and a reason why they would like to stay involved. Rather an "anyone will do" in order to give me a free babysitter, and freedom from my responsibility as a parent.

      At least they did indicate they were subject to approval. But, still a good chance this advertising could rustle up a molester or two that have yet to be caught, and know how to fit into the community around youth.


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        Could've been worse places to advertise, I suppose. Imagine it.

        "So how did you find out about this position?"

        "I Googled it."


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          This isn't really any different than sending a press release to your local newspaper seeking volunteers. Just reaches a much larger audience, is all.


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            True, but I would not advise that either.. All you are advertising is a youth organization filled with youth that their parents don't take an interest in.. Ripe picking for child molestors..

            If in need due to uncaring parents, it is best to have the active adult leaders quietly ask around at their work (if local), own churches, or other social outlets to people they may feel interested, or ask the scouts themselves if they have older brothers/Sisters, Uncles/Aunts or other relatives who may have an interest..


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              Not to mention regular Craigslist users have a negative connotation surrounding them.


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                Sure, there's a recommended way to recruit leaders and volunteers. This isn't it. But it's not all that different from what many units do already.


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                  In our troop, every ASM is the father of a scout. Some stay on after their sons leave scouting -- one guy's son made Eagle back in 1977, and he still comes to the meetings and sits on boards of review. But everyone is well-known.

                  To think a troop would take a perfect stranger and say "You'll do," is rather unsettling.


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                    Well as discussed with the young Adults who look to be leaders in a town they go to college in, sometimes a complete stranger is fine for some of us.. Especially if they show that they have history with the BSA, that explains his interest to continue the relationship.

                    But the person contacting your troop, and having a good reason to want to be in the BSA is different then just your troop sending out blank invitations to every weirdo in the state, and seeing what they pull in.


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                      Sounds like someone is trying to make a point and some parents need to start stepping up to help.


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                        I have no issues with Craigslist (I used it to furnish about 1/2 of my new house), but I too agree that advertising this publicly is a bad idea. Seems like they should contact their CO and see if they can get any help there, if the parents are not willing to help. We have also gotten ASMs from former Troop Eagle Scouts that are still in the area.


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                          Wow don't we all live inside the box........I don't see anything wrong with it and give him an A for effort. Who knows he might just spark the interest in a retiree who is looking for something to do.

                          Get a few responses meet the candidate, have them fill out the app.......Either that or fold the troop.....heck it is worth a shot.

                          Not all that happens on craigslist is negative. I have restocked our uniform back from craigslist......I have purchased troop gear from craigslist and sold a car there.


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                            Craigslist is awesome! I bought a car on craigslist! I found this ad by searching for "scout" on looking for patches and what-not.

                            I just don't think you're going to find high-quality volunteers by throwing out such a wide net. Maybe they should go ask the council if there's any retired scouters who want to help out until some parents get the clue.