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Material of Junior Leader Training

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  • Material of Junior Leader Training

    I am trying to collect material on junior leader training pre-NYLT for an article. I am especially interested in unit, district, and council-level training.

    I should have done a better job of holding on to all my paperwork from Scouting. I recall JLT as a combination of Scoutcraft and leadership instruction. The leadership sessions were more "how to" (how to encourage and handle advancement in your patrol or how to handle discipline) than the "Eleven Leadership Skills" I first encountered in California 1959.

    org/Training_JLT_Patches.html http://www.crescentbaycouncil

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    Actually, I've been collecting info on this myself.

    The Pine Tree website has some historical info on this:

    in the 70s it was Troop Leader Development at the Council level. It later became Troop Leader Training and then Junior Leader Training. Later called "JLTC" for Junior Leader Training Conference. In the 70s and 80 there was a weekend district course that was later dropped, called Junior Leader Orientation Workshop.

    I'd have to go thru my data on the courses that used to used before the current NYLT.


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      Thank you. The help of other interested Scouters is certainly what I need and hope for.

      The sources for the linked site are largely secondary themselves and there is nothing on training Scouts before 1972.

      I hope to find syllabi or at least schedules to find more on what they were teaching.


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        I know that my council was doing JLTC in the late 60s. It was a week-long course, held at summer camp. Our troop sent the SPL and ASPL the week before the rest of the troop went up. I remember them calling it "Jultcie."


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          From my collection of training literature.

          Junior Leader Training Events 1958 revision, (c)49 #3757 7M958
          (AFAICR, this was the info on council-level junior leader training. It was intended that youth attend the National training courses at Schiff and Philmont, then return and teach this locally).

          Scoutcraft Skills Instructor Training for JL #3757A 8M1263
          (as name implies, a 60s course for junior leaders to train others in scoutcraft skills)

          Junior Leader Training: a weekend course #36-513 May 1970
          (I think this was the district-level training of the time)
          Junior Leader Orientation Workshop 1984 printing, (c)81 #6520
          1987 printing, (c)81 #6520A
          (this was the district-level training of the time. dropped in the 90s)

          Boy Scout Leader's Training Series:
          How to Train JL in the Patrol Method (c)56 #6506A 4M862
          (material for the SMs in the 50s and early 60s to train their junior leaders)

          Scoutmaster's JL Training Kit 1991 printing, (c)90 #33422
          2000 printing, (c)00 #34306
          Troop Leadership Training 2005 #34306A
          (c)08 #34306
          (these are/where the unit-level training. Before, you used info on the SMHB of the time)

          Troop Leader Development Staff Guide #36-502/#6544 5M674
          (TLD was the council-level weekend training in the 70s)

          Junior Leader Training Conference Staff Guide 1987 printing, (c)79 #6535
          Junior Leader Training Conference Staff Guide 1995 printing, (c)95 #34533
          1999 printing, (c)95 #34533A
          National Youth Leadership Training 2005 #34490A

          (TLT as a council-level training replaced TLD in the very late 80s. It actually combined TLD with All Out for Scouting/Brownsea Double-2. TLT was later renamed JLTC and morphed/replaced with NYLT)


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            Tahawk; See if you have a paper and ephemera collector in your area. If you were in Southern California near me, you would be welcome to go through my material, some of which dates to the first two decades. But, it is not something easily shared without direct contact. There are not a great many collectors of this type of material, but they are out there. If you are near Dallas, you might try and see if they might allow access to their literature files. Also is a lot in the Seton Library at Philmont, though do not know if it has to do with your area of interest.

            Good luck.


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              Thank you for all the leads.


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                About half way down the page on this link you'll find the following:

                "The items below are from Kent Blain who attended 36 days of JLT at Philmont in 1953. Included (L to R) below are compiled JLT Troop 31 notes, Troop 31 photo, survival hike log, JLT Parliamentary Procedures, Lord Baden-Powell letter and JLT poem."


                Here are the aforementioned troop notes


                This JLT was quite the course, it seems. Thirty six days long, at Philmont, in the form of a trek. Activities included a couple days in a survival scenario, signalling, shooting, and building a log cabin from scratch. Sounds like a great course!


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                  Absolutely great stuff.


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                    emb021 refers to Troop Leader Development as "weekend training", but that was the name of the week-long youth training program that I attended in 1973. I still have the uniform I wore back then, with the TLD patch on it. Maybe there were weekend and week-long versions? Or maybe it was done differently at different points in the 70s? I don't have any of the materials from the course; I remember that there were about a dozen "competencies" such as "knowing your resources", planning and "getting and giving information." (Names are approximate, that's just what I remember from almost 40 years ago.) When my son came home from NYLT a few years ago, I looked at his materials and I remember thinking that while the "labels" had changed, the concepts were pretty much the same.


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                      My bad.
                      TLD was a week-long training course, the forerunner to TLT, JLTC, et al.

                      The competencies you mention are the 11 skills of leadership brought into the program from White Stag, that was also incorporated into the Wood Badge course of the same time (sometimes refered to as "leadership development Wood Badge" to differentiate it from the previous 'scoutcraft skills WB').

                      However, when they revamped 21CWB (and by extention NYLT), they dumped the White Stag concepts for Situational Leadership, Team Leadership, etc.