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Another New Feature: User Ratings

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    The stars are not visible to me right now and I am definitely logged in. I don't miss them... just more internet info from an unknown source.


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      Thank you for the details on how the stars were calculated (in another thread). That part is now understood but the actual voting is still coming from "out there somewhere." Personally I am not very interested in doing any voting myself, but I am sure some folks out there would make an effort to manipulate the system to their own objectives. I am glad our fearless moderators are doing their best to deal with that but it will be a moving target to actually improve the "quality" of the forums.(This message has been edited by KA6BSA)


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        I've been away from the forum for quite awhile because of the negative bantering that I came upon time and again (even though the majority of posters were helpful and enjoyable.) I don't know guys... this new system of squelching and rating may just become another weapon for the occasional disgruntled, oppositionl user??? I guess it remains to be seen!

        I hope it helps because this is a wonderful forum when you need real serious answers and advice and I miss visiting you all and learning from your experience. I'm still scouting - my son finally made Life but has stalled again and I hope to return to these pages of wisdom to help me get the wind beneath his wings so he can finally fly!


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          Come on back in, the water is fine! Of course, there have been a couple of lunatics here that have been sent on their way. Sure, Scouting passion runs high in your district, in some units, and certainly here on the wide open world (wow as opposed to www,) there is the occasional misunderstanding or vehement disagreement.

          But it's well worth the time spent here in good discussion and swapped ideas.

          Come on back!