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Another New Feature: Ability to Ignore Users

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    I have to admit that when this feature was first announced, I didn't really understand how it could work. If two posters are debating an issue and I have one of them squelched, how much sense will half of a thread make? After all, these things are called "threads" as each is strung to the other.

    HOWEVER, in the past two weeks my eyes have been opened and I have come to understand the benefit of being able to turn off select individuals. Thanks Terry!


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      I like the idea, but I will sometimes get that stuff, but other times I wont. Oh well, when I do, I just click thumbs down


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        The "Ignore User" or squelching seems to be hit and miss. I've check my Welcome back XXXX! and am looged on. Some of the posts are ignored but not all.

        If a person who I have chosen to ignore starts a new thread, will that be "hidden?"

        Thanks for providing an enjoyable, informative and alas sometimes maddening, service to Scouts, Scouter, and the general public. Your efforts are appreciated.


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          Many, but not all of the Issues and Politics threads have been closed. Perhaps the new feature does work as the closed threads seemed to have a significant number of posts by the recent member whom many of us had decided to ignore.

          I found many of these discussions interesting and provocotive. But the outrageous comments of one member forced me to ignore him and then the threads.


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            I understand the "Ignore this user" feature. What is the "Unsquelch" feature that appears directly above the thread on the right side, Under "Monitor this thread by email"?



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              A message posted by the user-who-shall-not-be-named is squelched either because the user is on your Ignored User List or has a low Forum rating. To view all posts, click "Unsquelch" at the top of this thread or remove the user from your Ignored User List.


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                Many thanks!

                Dan K


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                  I found an interesting way this feature acts when you have no squelch list. The "unsquelch" option is displyed on each thread. If you use this option, it changes to "squelch" until you go to the next page on a multi-page thread such as this one, when it changes back to "unsquelch". I guess I should have realized that would happen :>>

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                    The ignored user list I get. But what is this "low forum rating" of which you speak? I mean, I get the concept, but I don't see any rating button anywhere. And can you set a threshhold at which you ignore users?

                    Oak Tree


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                      My somewhat tongue-in-cheek post was copied (but slightly edited) straight from the message I get when the "user-who-shall-not-be-named" posts to a thread. I believe that the forum ratings are a feature which is no longer activated (ie., those thumbs up and thumbs down icons), although I could well be mistaken (as is frequently pointed out to me )