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Troop Level OA Activities

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  • Troop Level OA Activities

    Most OA activities I read about here are district or council based. Few activities seem to be at the troop level.

    As a Cub Pack leader, the neighboring troop has been of very little help to the pack program.

    I'd really like to have some help with our fall recruiting night from the Scouts, so I'm planning to ask the troop to ask Troop OA members to turn out for our recruiting night to help boys and parents make stomp bottle rockets and then have the Scouts lead the rocket launch portion of the activity, which includes handing out stickers each time a boy wins one of the rocket launch heats.

    The Scouts would be encouraged to wear their OA sash.

    Does that sound like a reasonable OA activity to encourage?

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    You say that the neighboring Troop has been of little help, so you most likely won't get any help from it's OA members. (I don't know what the situation is, but...) I am of course stumped as to why the Troop is ignoring your Pack, as that is an excellent recruiting sourse for new members when your boys age out of Cubbing.

    Don't just limit yourself to the OA. If you need Scouts, then why don't you just ask for help from another Troop at your District Roundtable? Scouts require service hours for advancement, and helping at Cub events are great ways of killing two birds at once. (recruiting and service)

    As for the OA, just contact the local Lodge directly. they will most likely be happy to provide assistance.


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      The OA has used programs like OA Mentoring and Scoutreach to assist Troops. If a Pack requested the OA to help as you have illustrated, I would strongly encourage the youth OA members to support this activity. Service hours or not, it's a great way to help encourage boys to join the program.


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        So the troop isn't cooperating, but you think a sub-group of the troop is going to magically help? How does that work again?

        The OA isn't a magic bullet to solve another unit's problems. You still need to convince members of this same troop to help you, and frankly, the privilege of running a stomp-rocket event, handing out stickers and wearing their sashes just isn't the draw you think it is.

        Your pack needs to solve this communication issue with the troop before you can reasonably expect any partnerships.


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          Hello Shortridge,

          My theory is that a lot of OA members never get involved in district or council OA activities, but might participate with other OA members in a Troop activity.

          Of course that may not work, but I figure it's better than doing nothing.

          I see a lot of Scouting driven by habits and traditions. If I can make service to the Cub Pack a habit and tradition of troop Scouts and Scouters, that would be a good thing.


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            It depends.

            Some OA members may see it as a service opportunity.

            Some may see it as a service opportunity, and if their lodge flaps are restricted and they need so many service hours to get one, they may do it. Oh and ask you to sign their paperwork.

            If your OA lodge has a negative attitude towards Cubs, they may not do it.

            If your OA lodge has a possitive attitude towards Cubs, they may do it.


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              Stop thinking at a unit level. The minute someone mentions getting help from OA or venturing programs, they are better served thinking at district or council levels. I'm not talking about organizational boundaries here. It's just that those kind of youth will more likely get their buddies together to drive 10 miles to help stomp bottle rockets than walk across the street.

              Talk to the lodge advisor or lodge chief. See if they know a couple of talented boys who like working with kids. Chances are they won't be in the troop next door.

              If you know a couple of youth in the troop, give them a call. It seems that the leaders are putting your requests through a beaureucratic meat grinder, and by the time an announcement gets to e boys, the sausage is rotten.


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                True, no doubt. But those folks are already overextended.

                I want to expand the pool of Scouts who will help Cub Scouts, and my pack in particular.

                Perhaps it wont work. Shucks --- ideas are cheaper than balogney! I try lots of things that don't work.

                But if it does work, perhaps that can be used to create a greater sense of OA membership and service, and help my Cub Pack too. I think that's worth a try.

                It's kind of discouraging because the Scoutmaster was Cubmaster of the pack, and he ought to be taking more of a role to help out the struggling Cub Pack, which his troop needs BADLY to survive and thrive.

                Perhaps this is something the Scoutmaster and youth leaders will decide to support. It's just a little different than the fruitless begging I've tried before, which hasn't worked.