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OK to wear Class A Uniform?

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  • OK to wear Class A Uniform?


    First post.

    My troop is chartered by the Knights of Columbus and they are having a pig roast as a fund raiser for their youth programs (our troop included). In addition to pork and other food, they will be serving beer. We have discussed this at the troop committed and have consulted our district and were told it would be OK for the boys to act as bus boys if they did not handle any of the cups, just plates.

    My question is, can the boys still wear their class A uniforms? The Knights have requested it of us.

    Thanks in advance,

    John - Scoutmaster Troop 81, Loveland, CO.

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    The following statement was approved by the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America:
    "It is the policy of the Boy Scouts of America that the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances is not permitted at encampments or activities on property owned and/or operated by the Boy Scouts of America, or at any activity involving participation of youth members."


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      So how do they interpret "scout night" with professional sports teams? Alcohol is servered, the scouts are recognized, often involved participation with the National anthem, throwing out the first pitch, riding on the zamboni etc.


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        As long as it's not the Troop "X" pig roast, I think the case you described is fine for uniform wear. My Troop has an annual chili supper and we wouldn't be allowed to serve alcohol because it's strictly a Scout-run fundraiser. In your situation, the Scouts shouldn't serve the alcohol or bus the cups, as the District rep told you, and I would add that the Scouts shouldn't promote the alcohol either.

        The Chartering Org, the Knights of Columbus, would like to show off its Troop and that's a good thing. Wear the field uniform proudly but be Scout-like. Does that make sense?


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            Sorry but at many of our FOS meetings where boys are leading the Flag Ceremony and such there is beer present. Not saying that rules are rules but these are DE and uppers allowing it.....OF COURSE FOR MONEY


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              What's with the no bussing the cups bit? When you're doing a clean up do you leave the half empty beer cans on the ground? The point of the policy is that alcohol should not be served where the activity is about the boys. It's not an attempt to pretend that alcohol doesn't exist. Our annual church fair sells alcohol, should we tell the our Chartering Org sorry can't help out, can't clean up? Of course not.

              I suppose if your Chartering Org has as one of its tenets that alcohol in and of itself is evil then maybe you should stay away from any event that has alcohol. But clearly the KofC doesn't have that view so your participation is fine.


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                I suppose on could take the view that there is a high likelihood teenage boys would finish off the cups of beer if they were to be handling them.


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                  Thanks everyone for the discussion. Of note, we have 12 boys and 9 adults that will be broken into 3 crews. 7 each. The adults will be bussing as well so we can make sure that the adults handle the beer and the boys handle the coffee, lemonade and water.


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                    Hey, I forgot to say WELCOME to the forums, @jpc763!


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                      The local community celebration in town is sponsored by the American Legion. Alcohol is served and the boys man one of the non-alcohol booths serving food. The beer tents (yes, plural) are located within 50' of where the boys are. They are in full uniform and being a small community everyone knows the American Legion is sponsoring them. Of course the Girl Scouts are busing the tables at the chicken-que. All registration for the boys and girls for scouting is paid fully by the Legion for their help. That doesn't mean they don't also contribute heavily for any Eagle projects as well. Boys need equipment, just ask. All other organizations have to pay a percentage of their fundraising earnings to the American Legion, including other Boy Scout Troops.



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                        If it's a K of C function, and the parents give permission for their boys to be there working, then by all means, wear the Class A's and be proud! Let common sense rule the day. If we didn't, we couldn't march in the Memorial Day parade with our Legion Post, because the parade passes by 2 restaurant/bars, and a liquor store! Silly. Always trust the advice of your Chartered Org. Rep.
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                          Is watching a sports event "participation"?

                          You expect clarity in language?

                          We all just do the best we can.

                          You can ask:

                          If you want an answer.
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                            Talk about opportunity....Am I correct in thinking this is an outdoor, picnic type affair?
                            Build several "Hand Washing Stations": Lash up tripods, hang soap from mesh bags (cherry tomatoes, onions) and milk jugs of water, and paper towels on the tripod stick ends. AND lash up trash bag holders....
                            Make sure the boys "escort" the ladies to the tables, maybe even carry the plate/tray for older folks.
                            Flag folding demo. (entertainment).
                            Set up a dining fly shelter for shade? For ticket taking? For a Scout display of photos and gear to ooooh and aaaah at...
                            Who cuts the fire wood? Schleps the charcoal? Turns the spit?

                            Be creative!
                            Don't forget the newspapers and local notice boards! The K of C will love to share the limelight, I'm sure. What was the last High Adventure trip? Power Point running on the side?