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Lance Armstrong in NYLT Video

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  • Lance Armstrong in NYLT Video

    To those advising NYLT courses this year, how are you planning to address the issue of Lance Armstrong appearing in the videos?

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    Now that's funny.

    He is the model for American integrity isn't he. Ya know I think he is probably a pretty fair representation of us.


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      Speak for yourself, Basement.


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        Heck, two weeks ago I was doing Youth Protection for Venturing for the NYLT staff, I like the video on Internet safety although I keep telling the youth instead of Blog, think Facebook page. I am not sure many were sold on being careful on the internet, now we have Catfishing and T'eoed

        You do the best with what you got, what else is there?


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          I was course director for our fall NYLT course this last year. While Lance had not yet fessed up, it was pretty much a forgone conclusion. Like OGE said, you do the best with what you got. We rolled with it and never looked back. I can tell you from staffing numerous WB and NYLT courses, some material gets dated and I've never heard an excuse for why BSA isn't more quick to update materials. But I'm not telling anyone anything they didn't already know.


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            Not advising a course, but from the vantage of complete ignorance ...

            Still use him. But now you have the advantage of hindsight to point out to boys the importance of self-evaluation. It sometimes takes years for a strong leader to face his/her own faults. The longer he/she waits, the harder it gets ... the worse the consequences for everyone around. Still, brutal honesty is the only way to open the door to redemption.


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              Makes ya wonder.....

              When he looked in the mirror.....what did he think?????


              Doc take a look at that interview and see what you think.

              Pappa.....look around....It is sad but at all cost.....we have cub scout parents buying $100 pinewood cars off ebay. to win a stupid wooden car race.... Look around the mall or grocery store next trip....


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                We want you to know that the leadership development task force has been working on options for the Lance Armstrong portions of NYLT since the USADA banned him and he did not fight the charges in October 2012. We will be sharing the options with councils in the next few weeks.

                From my counterpart Mark Griffin.


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                  Richard B

                  So you needed a "task force" working since Oct 2012 to figure out that you needed to drop the Lance Armstrong bit from NYLT? How many peoples time and salaries were paid to make this no-brainer decision? And you wonder why so many scouters have no confidence in National's ability to do anything efficently or competently anymore.(This message has been edited by BadenP)


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                    BP, I guess you don't pastor a Presbyterian church.


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                      I like the Onion website is selling "Cheat to Win" yellow wrist bands.

                      I discussed this with a couple scouts on how even if you think cheating is OK "because everyone is doing it" there are consequences--loosing achievements, no one will trus you, and in this case folks despise you.


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                        Something that looks like a no-brainer from the outside is very often much more difficult than it would initially seem. I would suspect that they have to figure out how to get new videos made, which doesn't happen overnight - new scripting, reshooting, re-editing,nwe funding, etc.


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                          BP I also find it entertaining that a task force is needed to make the decision. Pretty simple in my book the NYLT staff need to man up, do the presentation and not rely on a video for pete sake.

                          TT, despise? pity?

                          No, his cancer foundation's work is good. I am afraid his legacy is of a bully, Liar and cheat.

                          We can banter about it all we want on this forum, but he represented the US on the world stage.


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                            I remember back when I was a Radiology Manager in the Hospital. Equipment acquisition was always expensive and equipment changed rapidly. I remember a discussion where it was determined that the best way to stay ahead of technology and changes was to always be contemplating a change. Yeah, we are looking at the ABC Zip Scanner and will move to buy one next quarter. Then next quarter, you know, the ABC Zip Scanner II looks good, we should see how its recevied. You could always be on the cutting edge as long as you were looking,but at some point you have to buy and understand the climate will change before the equipment gets installed. Before the first scan was done on the ABC Zippier Scanner we got, it was outdated by the ABC Zippiest Scanner B. Not that the one we had wasnt good, just not the lastest.

                            Any video starts to age as soon as its recorded. The video "This is Scouting" in the MyScouting section is fairly old, the first young lady who speaks in it was in the Crew I served. She is now a Field Director for Cradle of Liberty COuncil, that video was made when she was Northeast Region Venturing President. I hope it stays around for a very long time.

                            If there was a rush to replace Lyin' Lance would we hear screams and gnashing of teeth from the usual suspects about how wasteful of resources it is to replace the video, that a short discussion before airing about the consequences of actions would be more poweful?

                            I thught the reason that NYLT, and Wood badge and other BSA programs used Video's and Powerpoints because they (National) wants the exact same information presented on a Nation wide basis and the best way is to send that information recorded. We have all seen horror stories of people "Tweaking" presentations to outright rewrting curriculums to fit a personal agenda. Either we say all training committees can expertly present the information as written, or we use recordings, I am not sure what else can be done(This message has been edited by oldgreyeagle)