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Which Boy scout requirement is fulfilled as Den Chief?

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  • Which Boy scout requirement is fulfilled as Den Chief?

    I am going to try a more educated proposal to several scout troops in attempt to find my den a den chief.

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    DC can be used to fulfill the position of responsibility (POR) requirements for Star, Life, or Eagle ranks.
    In other words, on the trail to Eagle, there are about 16 months of time where a boy is required to hold a POR.


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      It is a Position of Respondsibility within a Troop. Look at in the Guide to Advancement 2013 edition for more info. It goes over the basic's of POR. If you have the Boy Scout Handbook, you can look under the various ranks after 1st Class.


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        Truly a highly underratted Scout job. The Cubs get a "big brother", the DenChief gets a chance to show his Scout Skills and be an important part of the Cub Scout Den. If the BScout does his job well, he will have a bunch of "little brothers" all looking up to him.
        If he hasn't had a chance previously, he learns how to help , how to take charge, how to teach, how to share his experience with younger kids. It is a chance for the Cubs to see what they may attain to. The Den Leader who has a good Den Chief is truly blessed. The DL needs to make sure the DC knows what is expected of him. It would not hurt for the DL to take the DC training on line at MyScouting and encourage the Boy Scout DC to take it too. If there is a "in person" DC training in your Council, help your DC to attend. The DL also needs to keep in touch with both the Pack's Cubmaster and the BScout''s Scoutmaster about the DC's progress and ability.

        It is a "POR", but hey, the need for that for advancement is secondary to the Scout's experience. Overcome the BScout's misperception that it's just "babysitting " some little brats, and everybody will benefit.
        Thank you for seeking to use this job effectively.

        Good Scouting to you!


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          And many Troops wonder why their Feeder Pack Members go else where...Den Chiefs will help secure the Bond Between the Pack and the Troop..a Cub Scout who makes friends with Other Scouters will cross over to where their friends are. The Bond between a Pack and Troop needs to be fostered.


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            There's another recent thread where I mention what a tremendous responsibility Den Chief is. Obviously the requirement that is filled is the POR for various ranks. However, just like other positions in the troop, being a good Den Chief starts with training. Take advantage of your council/district training for Den Chief. If you don't have it, read the book. Be sure that any boy who wants to become den chief understands both the responsibility and TIME involved. Not only does he go to all troop functions like other Scouts, but he must go to Den and Pack meetings as well, so it is probably the most time-intensive POR of any.

            Also, in our council's training, they stress that Scouts should commit to the position for a minimum of one year. This is not just to qualify for the Den Chief Award, it is also to help build a better working relationship with the chosen den, which operates on a yearly program.

            Although it's a lot of work outside the Troop, it is a very rewarding position, particularly for a boy who has a bit of "showman" in him.


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              I will say again that rare is the scout who is the den chief who does this job to the level brew has described.... I post this not to argue with brew.....I have not met the scout like this...... So SM..get your boys trained and then solicit feedback from the den leader for feedback on The lads performance. If he is not doing the job don't sign off the POR as being complete


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                To answer this questions Looks like star life and eagle per national


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                  Remember that the den chief is a boy. He will need supervision and direction. Take a look at the details of the Den Chief award to think of ways a DC can contribute to your meetings and events. If your council has training great! There should be some age gap between your Webelos and the experienced boy scout that will be assisting. I think it is a rare 13-15 year old who will take a one year term, given their other commitments. 4-6 months is more reasonable, perhaps longer with breaks for sport schedules. I would want to meet with a boy and a parent prior so you know what you are getting and can go over your expectations. You should be willing to "fire" them if they don't meet your agreed parameters of performance.

                  If you don't have one yet, get a Boy Scout handbook. That will give you a picture of what you are preparing your Webelos for. I love the energy you are bringing to this job.



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                    qwazse commented
                    Editing a comment
                    All boys are different, but given the way the COs in your stake have been managing the program, your candidate DC's may not know what to expect in your den. The troop's SM and SPL should recommend the boys who would make good DC's (typically most 1st class scouts -- in the true sense of the word -- who also have demonstrated some ability to nurture younger scouts). They probably already know that DC could be used as a POR, but in all likelihood, there are plenty of other PORs available to them. What a candidate DC needs to know:

                    When and where the den meets, usually.
                    When and where the pack meets.
                    The activities you will be working on.
                    What scout skills the boys really need help with.
                    Dates of weekend outings.
                    Summer camp dates.
                    If his fees will be paid if he goes. (By the way, for resident camp, DCs are definitely worth the investment!)
                    Any religious issues if you are talking to non-LDS troops. (I don't think there should be any, but sometimes folks need to know that your are a mom asking for a little help not a missionary trying to convert -- unless your are .)