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  • in a new unit can...

    In a new unit can the UC be the Pack Trainer? Council is asking me to do the YPT with them along with position specifics because I can do it in ASL since online is worthless. After spending the weekend going through all the logistics of learning how to 'beat' the online system in in spite of the fact that I'm deaf myself to get it so it would registered me as taking the training. Geeze, they really do talk in there huh so one can't click next, next and next again??... *laughing

    Anyways after seeing what was there for all the different Pack positions, I realized that the Pack Trainer position is really being fulfilled by me since its a new unit. It states that councils can appoint an outside person for a couple years to help the unit until they've learned the ropes and have someone skilled enough to be able to do the Pack Trainer position. So can I as THIS unit's UC be their Pack Trainer too?? Would I have to be a registered Committee Member in their Pack or can UC not be due to conflict of interest?

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    NO the UC should not be a member of the unit they serve. this removes them from the internal politics and gives the Unit an independent and unbiased feedback.

    A UC should not hold any other position in the BSA as well....that comes from the commisioners guide book.


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      The UC is a friend to a Scout Unit and not registered with them. If your a UC and doing Training, you can be a part of the District Training Team. Great that you can do ASL and provide that service to others.
      FYI: There is a Wood Badge done in ASL in Utah. There is CC on it too.


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        Yep DS. It's best you do this as a district service -- not as a member of the pack. From the outset, it in your interest to have someone in the pack assist you (for example procure your classroom, bring refreshments, push paperwork, etc ...), and that person would take more of a role the next time the pack needs instruction. That person would be your pack trainer, even if for now he/she is basically your gopher. (You know ... go fer this, go fer that.) That way you make it clear that your doing this as part of what needs to be don in terms of commissioner service with an eye towards the pack standing on its own.


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          Got what y'all saying. Gonna help them get their training done since I can do it with them in ASL. After I wrote this I finally go to meet the CM in person. They do have problem with WL as they have none. Luckily for the rest of this year they are done since its an afterschool program and sports are not on the frontlines. CM realizes how much I can help him finally so will be looking to help start the Webelos on the Webelos advancement and take them out of the other den while looking around to find a team suited for the role permenently. The drawback is ASL limits their selection of adults they can draw from. Better to get adults that don't have kids yet were in the units before they shut down so they can share their experience.. I can bring them up to speed on the changes.

          As for Utah's Bilingual ASL/English Wood Badge course, been in touch with the course director and hopefully they change it to a week program and several of us are flying in next year. Drawback is getting the registered course paperwork change and this WB course actually being someone's ticket item. This year marks their second time offering. Looking to see if we can make this a 'regional rotation' between the 4 regions.

          As for the idea of District Trainer Chair, I left that up to my DE to decide as he suggested two areas. Gosh I was AMAZED as the District listing. After seeing MANY openings, I finally GOT IT as to why there was a trifold on the District positions to be able to put two and two together as to what was really being talked about at attending their district committee meeting for the first time. To SEE the differences between this district and 'home' district is an eye opener. The plus side.. my hearig loss won't keep my out like it does in my 'home' district at times. My olnly thought is can one really think and do outside the box since this district has such different needs and impacts that are nothing like any of the other districts??


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            Can a Unit Commissioner hold a position in a troop/pack they are not assigned to?


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                "The work is done by whoever shows up".

                In an ideal world, the campouts are led by fully IOLS trained Scouters who are also Eagle scouts and USArmy Ranger trained. The Commishers are independant of the Units they serve because this helps insulate them from the internecine politics and lends them credo as to being unbiased and expert. The Pros are ex Scouts and realize they are being judged by BSA on "numbers" and judged by the local volunteer Scouters by their sympathy and ability to "help". All Eagles are expert in campcraft (E.T.Seton) , stay with their home units as an example to the younger Scouts and stay away from unlawful activities. Every parent is there for their Scout, steps up when the Unit needs help but lets the boys "do their thing".
                And there is enough fully trained and experienced Commishers that each one has only two or three units they are assigned to. When it is time to recharter, and we start talking about it in November, every unit has a Adult that takes on that role, corrects all the records, collects all the signatures and turns in the 100% correct paper work and clicks on the online forms by 31 December.

                Other than that, I agree with everything that's been said above.

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