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Scout Master refusing to give the Bluecard

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  • Scout Master refusing to give the Bluecard


    A simple dad of scout in need of help.

    Last year my son attended a troop, lets call it Troop A. We have been with this troop for past 4 years. The leadership in the troop changed and things started going down hill. The current scout master and his wife both serve one purpose -To ensure their sons success and slow down any one whom they consider as threats. Sooner, good kids started leaving the troop A in mass and joined another troop (lets call it troop B) which is run in an excellent form.

    During the BSA centennial year, my son and his friend earned all the 4 centennial merit badges while, the Scout Master's son earned only 3. This some how did not settle well with the Scout Master and his wife. How can some one do better than their son? While the MB patch was awarded in COH, the blue cards were a different story. They would "forget", they thought they had "given", "I will bring it for next meeting"...all possible excuses were used. My son was able to get hold of 3 of 4 blue cards. Last summer, we changed over to troop B. Since then we have been following up with troop A SM for the one leftover blue card and he is simply wasting our time. "Come to Court of honor". We go, his wife forgot to bring the blue card. "Lets meet", but then he is so busy, it takes almost 3 months and then he hops to "I will mail". Apparently, USPS mis-mailed it and the SM got the mail returned. Its surprising as we have been at the current address for more than 8 years and never lost a mail. We still get mails from council without fail. Still, somehow, the Scoutmaster's mail gets returned back to him-Not once, but twice. We continue to follow up and one day he apparently leaves it by the door jamb. I wonder the wisdom of it for it could have left it in the mail box. that was 2 months ago, we have been following up with him and we have no response.

    We are truly frustrated. It is clear to us that this SM is just not willing to honestly give back the blue card to the scout which he right fully earned. Please help me as what steps we can take to get hold of our bluecard.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    I gather you are speaking of "blue card" is the sense of proof that your son earned a particular merit badge.

    As you may know, the "blue card" ("Application for Merit Badge") has three parts, any one of which is the proof you seem to seek. Your son and the Merit Badge Counselor should each have a part, unless the Scoutmaster did not return your son's part ("Applicant's Record") after signing it, which may be what you are saying.

    Also, if procedure was followed, an Advancement Report should have been filed that shows that your son earned the Merit Badge. Without such a report, no physical badge would have been available to present.

    So, assuming your son lacks his part, have you checked with the Counselor and the Council?

    Have you discussed the situation with the representative of the chartered organization or the Unit Commissioner?


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      It is a hard lesson to learn but EVERYTHING you consider important in the BSA should be copied or photographed before it leaves your hands. Some on this board would like to see children learn that lesson themselves so expect some harsh criticism for "managing your Scouts career". I prefer to inform them beforehand and teach them how to us the technology to protect themselves. Then make a backup myself so a child is not punished for the failure of an adult.


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        KDD sure has THAT right about making copies. But if those badges were awarded properly, as TAHAWK says, there is a copy of the advancement report (or should have been) that you should be able to get a copy of from the council.
        In the meantime, consider moving to that better program. Another vote with your feet will be good for you and it will send another 'message' to the current unit.
        Also, WELCOME to the forums!


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          Scout Daddy - I'd recommend you check with your district folks, either advancement chair or DE. Your write up above clearly described a situation that district would like to know about, and correct.