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New Cub Scout Adventure Program - Starting in May 15

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  • New Cub Scout Adventure Program - Starting in May 15 FB link for Scouting Magazine popped up with this information tonight. I keep asking, but can't seem to get any answers...was hoping maybe someone here has some further information.
    1) New program starts in 2015....but what happens to the WEBELOS who are already half-way through their programs?
    - It reads like the WHOLE program is being if the WEBELOS are only half-way they start over? Just can't get any answers on this...
    2) One article reads the Sports and Academics programs are going your Belt Loops while you can!

    Anyway, just hoping someone knows something...because as a Bear Den Leader, who's expecting to be leading some new WEBELOS in May 2014...I'd like to be able to plan out the program!


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    There's lots of information here:

    It doesn't take effect until the 2015-16 program year, so August or September of 2015. Not sure how the LDS programs will be run, but for the rest, it looks like they are completely separating out the Webelos I and Webelos II programs. You will be able to earn AOL without earning Webelos. The link doesn't give a lot of details, but it sure looks like earning AOL won't be the big deal that it is now, which is disappointing.


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      I am sure that for Webelos it will be the same as for any other changes BSA has made to it's program.

      If you have started the "old" way - BEFORE - the "new" way becomes official, you can finish using the "old" criteria.

      Once the "new" way becomes official you can ONLY do/use/earn the "new" way.


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        Here's the official BSA document on the change so far that talks about the transition timetable:


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          Wow A lot of Information without answering anything for sure.
          Gotta Love this from the Scouting magazine file provided


          • ScoutNut
            ScoutNut commented
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            Well, if you read the pdf from Scouting Magazine it stated - clearly -

            Please do not share this document with others. These are working documents and
            are subject to change.

            So, of course, it gets shared all over the place, and treated as a done deal.

            The point is that they do NOT have everything settled as of yet. Once we get closer to May 1, 2015, I would bet we will see some more, and clearer, information on the particulars.

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          Our pack only has Tigers and Wolves. So Fall of 2015 is when we get our first Webs.. I don't know if I am hoping they iron it out by then or not.

          If they don't then we get to change our first group of Webs mid-stream.

          If it is totally ironed out and they totally separate what Webs I and Webs II do, it may throw a monkey wrench in some plans. I was hoping our Webs I could pick-up some Webs II who are new to scouting as both Webs I and newbie Webs II scouts would do the same thing, perhaps the Webs II had an additional Arrow of Light, but maybe not if we could move the Webs I through everything and then they would just have a year to do whatever they truly have an interest in with little concern to advancement.


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            What I would - currently - go by is if your Scouts are entering 4th grade as of May 2015, they start Webelos using the new Webelos program (whatever that ultimately ends up being).

            If your Scouts are entering 5th grade as of May 2015, they would continue to finish using the old Webelos program.

            If you have brand new to Scouts boys, first entering as a 5th grade Webelos as of May 2015, they would use the new program. Depending on what the final changes are, and if earning AOL will still be required for "early" entrance to the Boy Scout program, these new Scouts could very well work on both the Webelos award, and AOL award requirements, at the same time. Or either one alone, depending on what interests them, and when they plan on moving to Boy Scouts.

            I am sure we will see some kind of clarification come out of BSA during the next 1.5 years.


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              I find it disconcerting enough the way Arrow of Light is. Under the program guidelines, a boy that's been scouting 4.5 years and one that has been scouting 0.5 years that amassed the pins in 6 months gets the same recognition as the highest honor in Cub Scouting, one that they'll wear on their Boy Scout Uniform AND Adult Scouter Uniform.

              There is no need for Arrow of Light for someone that isn't in Cub Scouting and a real participant in the program.

              Strengthening Webelos is good. Continuing to spit on the program that is the bread and butter of Scouting is lame.


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                Pack18Alex: While I certainly agree with your sentiment...the truth is, currently a boy only needs 6 months in Cub Scouting to earn the that isn't much of a change. However, it looks like the whole program will be significantly changing

                ScoutNut: I agree, that is probably how I'll approach the program. As for the was linked to the original article. I just thought it was the most comprehensive one.

                For my part...I plan to run my WEBELOS through as much of the program as I possibly can as quickly as I can.


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                  True, but if a scout joins in 15 and goes all out for AoL, they are into it. The way this reads, to me, is a Tiger,Wolf,Bear,Webelos self contained program, followed by an arrow of light program. At least before you need to do the 18 month program in 6 months, now you can just do the 6 month one... Hence my lame comment...


                  • Sqyire21
                    Sqyire21 commented
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                    I guess you have a valid point...however I still have hope they can modify this in such a way to at least require some effort at the whole Cub Scouting Program before AOL is awarded. (but I can remember getting another WEBELOS in my den as a youth...and he got his AOL with us...even after only a short time..

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                  I hope they figure some way of transitioning things for LDS packs. My youngest son enters cub scouts Feb 2015. I don't want him to have to change what he's doing 3 months into his scouting career.


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                    I'm really frustrated and confused. This new program looks too much like Girl Scouts and I really dislike their program. Currently Webelos can earn 20 activity badges and if they earn all 20 get a special super achiever patch - that is something my son has been working towards. But what happens now?! Why do all the scouts have to do the same thing? I like that our den offers the base activity badges, but my son has the opportunity to go above and beyond on his own (with his family or at summer camp). This all sounds like terrible news and I am questioning our commitment to this program.


                    • ScoutNut
                      ScoutNut commented
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                      First of all - CALM DOWN! This is NOT the finished product. There will be changes to this in the next 1.5 years.

                      Second - if you read all the way thru the program pdf you will notice the Webelos Elective section.

                      There are 19 Elective "Adventures" a Webelos can earn - if THEY choose.

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                    No one's screaming, but this is as good of a place to ask questions/get answers as there is.

                    Things I'm hearing I like: Removing the 12-24 "Achievements" from Wolf/Bear, to a more managable/trackable number. Getting rid of the "Progress toward ranks" beads that look pointless and are easily lost. Mature the Tiger badge up a bit, less "Baby Faced". Arrow Points are a farce to all but the most dedicated Den Leaders/Parents.

                    Things I'm wary of: Too many "required" journeys that require multiple meetings to finish. We are hit and miss in regards to Den Meeting attendance, and we get a trickle of new scouts all through the year.

                    I can accept three journeys (and I'll call them "journeys" like Girl Scouts for lack of a better term at this time) as required for each level: Faith, Health, and Citizenship, and each should be able to be completed in 1-2 meetings max (and one meeting only for Tigers). The remaining 3-5 elective journeys for each rank could be pulled from a list, with each rank requiring 1-2 "outdoors" journeys such as camping, naturalist, geologist, etc. Wolves and Bears can share the list of elective journeys, with the note that journeys earned as a Wolf won't count for your Bear, same for Webelos/AOL.

                    And each journey completion device is a Belt Loop. Don't make it a series of 5-7 small patches to be sewn on somewhere, like a sash. Pins are just too small in their detail, the boys like holding, sorting, and displaying those loops too much (at least mine do).

                    One more thing: We only do one Den Meeting per month for Tigers (and we have a Pack Meeting and a weekend event every month). We don't kick Den Meetings off until October for new scouts. If Tiger journeys require 2 den meetings to complete, and there are 7 of them, we can't fit them into our year. Even switching to two Tiger Den Meetings a month will still push Tiger Badge to the end of the year, and forget having any ranks done by the Blue/Gold Dinner in February, and anyone who joins late.


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                      ~~jpstodwftexas nailed it.... a lot of info here without answering anything.

                      just skimmed through the info linked to in this thread. I had already heard about much of this, but reading through this stuff, I agree that, at least on the surface, it is as ~~alligatorscout wrote, it does seem to have similarities to the Girl Scout program (as I know it anyway)

                      Looks like my son will be entering his 2nd WEBELOS year when this kicks in, so I guess my exposure to it will be limited and brief.


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                        Glad to see the Sports & Academics Program and belt loops going away. A lot of those seem like just a rubber stamp. Kids on the soccer team get the soccer award, etc. Scouting doesn't need to be the place where they get another recognition for having already done something completely outside of the principles of scouting. I wish they'd make more changes like this and make scouting more back-to-basics outdoors stuff, scoutcraft, camping, etc.